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  • 3rd Of The Franchise Reviews

    Now, I know there is an on going battle of wills…and words…about this series installment, Deep Space Nine. There are those that like it and those that don’t. I’m afraid I’m one of those that don’t.

    I know that it maintains a great continuity of current Trek canon. I know that it actually pivots Next Gen and Voyager together. I also know that it created stories that tranversed into the films. But it doesn’t matter if the story…the actual setting…is weak.

    I found Deep Space Nine to be a Space Soap, Hotel in Space…General Hospital Of The Federation. It was preachy, moody and too personality filed to be of anything dynamic. God, if I saw one more holo-deck episode I was going to scream.

    The last 2 seasons were good. The Dominion War gave the series a boost back into what Trek and Sci-Fi is. But it was frankly too little too late. I just really didn’t care about what happened on Bajor, or to their religious culture.

    I rank this series a 7, only because of it’s ground breaking CGI introductions, its grounding in Trek canon and its maintenance of old Trek values. But other than that…It’s boring.

    This series is available on DVD but was terribly high priced. It is now available at half the cost by some retail outlets.