Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Syndicado (ended 1999)



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  • Deep Space is simply the most deep and intersting Star Trek to be created.

    Deep space nine is one of the most intriguing and intricate Star Trek series ever to exist. Personally I hate Next generation because the characters are to happy and overall the plot is to positive. In Deep Space nine we get a look into the workings of a space station with real problems such as smuggling and invasions. Captain Sisko is definitely a great captain and he adds a down to earth element to the series. Dominion war is a definite point of intrigue here. The Jem Hadar who are the grunts of the founders., themselves are interesting as they seem mindless killers at first then turn into more complex beings. The Dominion are locked in a war with the federation and not to give the plot away to much it’s a huge struggle that lets us see both sides of the story. The Space Station adds a new element to Star Trek. With a huge station full of bars and shops it is a cultural melting pot of all kinds of interesting races. So DS9 goes into new ground and touches all kinds of topics. I highly recommend this series to Science fiction people.
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