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  • Deep Space Nine has a very interesting history and storyline, intertwining with Next Generation in picking up where Picard, at the time, the assimilated Borg Qutanis, destroyed Cmdr. Sisko's ship, losing his wife. Then he's assigned to oversee the Cardasi

    The show over the course of its tenure gives the variety of drama and adventure from the visions Sisko receives about his destiny as the Emissary and his role in the fulfillment of the Bajourians prophecies, the eventual alliance with the Klingons against the Dominion [who would have every thought that Klingons and the Federation would stop being sworn enemies?], the kindred spirit that Worf found in Jadzia Dax and his coming to terms with his son, Alexander, now an adult since his appearance on the Enterprise when Worf was a crew member there. And lets us not forget the scheming Quark and his bumbling but well intended brother Nog and his son, Rom. Where would the show have been without Quarks, the holo-suites and the ongoing bickering between Quark and Odo, who ran a tighter ship than Sisko at times.

    Through the course of the years, each of the characters evolves, makes changes and reveal their true hearts. Example, Quark, although solely interested in gold pressed Latium, shows a seeming sensitivity whenever his mother, Mookie, shows up on the ship, of course, it was all for profit.

    Worf shows his strength and dedication to Cmdr. Sisko on several occasions, but even as a Klingon, he shows how he too is impervious to the emotional pain caused by the lost of his wife, Jadzia in battle and then risking his life to ensure that she finds her place in Stovalcore. And of course, there\'s Sisko--a complicated man, very reserved and to himself, but shows a deep caring for his family--his son and his father, who still chooses to live on Earth in New Orleans. Hey I\'m not mad at him, even in the distant future, there\'s still a place for Gumbo and ettouffe, that\'s all right.

    The most emotional time for Sisko is when he finds himself in the alternate reality where he encounters Jennifer, his deceased wife, though very much alive in the alternate reality and learns that his now deceased alter ego in the parallel universe is killed in the resistance, wasn\'t such a nice guy towards Jennifer. You see Sisko struggling to cope with his reality, where Jennifer is gone, and then cope with the alternate reality where Jennifer is very much alive and hates him just as much because of the years of unfaithfulness and grief she was caused. But all more the painful is when he reveals that he isn\'t \'her\' Benjamin, but it was the Benjamin she wished for, but he has to return to the realm where he belongs. Both painful to them both. That was by far the most venerable the Commander had become.

    Though in the last episode, it left all of its loyal followers hanging in the lurch, so to speak. It simply leaves with Sisko going to join the prophets, leaving behind his new wife. Could there possibly be a Deep Space Nine movie? Who knows? But it would definitely give the DS9 fans some since of closure as to what next happens to Sisko, the Bajourians and the actual fulfillment of the prophecies that was always spoken about.