Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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  • What's the first Star Trek series without Gene Roddenberry like? Well....

    Star Trek DS9 was the first Star Trek series that was not created by Gene Roddenberry. So what are the results of this new venture? Would it live up to the previous series: Star Trek: The Next Generation? Will it continue Roddenberry's legacy? Lot's of people say yes, lot's of people say no, but I'm one of the folks who tend to see this series as the bottom of the barrel for Star Trek.
    We all know about TNG. The absolute pinnacle of Trek goodness. The stories were consistently interesting, and though it did delve into social issues, it didn't delve too far, and most folks agreed with those issues. Acting was good and most people agree it very much deserved its long run.
    Though DS9 presents a mildly interesting story and cool space battles in "The Dominion Wars", the rest of the time, well, it's a show about a space station, it can't get too exciting. A lot of the stories involve weird religious and political overtones that the writers push and push and push.
    Even though some minor characters from TNG come over(Worf, O'Brien), it's just not enough to make this show worth watching. Cue the angry feedback. This disapointing follow up to TNG just doesn't merit much. Remember, it's a show about a space station.