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  • An enjoyable show, with interesting characters and a whole lot of TREK.

    Star Trek came out in 1966, it was alright, but not that good because of a lack of technology. Then came the animated series, which I can tell you nothing about. Next was The Next Generation, which I thought was perfect. Then came Deep Space Nine, which I learnt to be the best. Commander (later Captain) Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is sent to Deep Space Nine as it's Commander. While there, they learn that there is a wormwhole, and Sisko has the distinct honour of being the first person to go through it an meet with the 'wormhole aliens', or, as they are known on Bajor, 'the Prophets'. Thus, he is given the title of 'Emissary to the Prophets' and is made the spiritual leader of Bajor, while the elected political leader, Kai Winn, a power-hungry Bajoran, can't stand to give the fame and prestige that come with such a position. Among his crew are:
    Bajoran Liaison Officer Major (later Colonel) Kira Nerys.
    Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax; a Trill who has a symbiont inside of her, which gives her the memories of the last seven of it's 'hosts', including that of Sisko's old mentor.
    Odo, the shapeshifting constable who had served for the Cardassians (a hostile alien power) who had onced controlled Bajor and the station. Commander Worf, the Klingon starfleet commander from the USS-Enterprise-D
    Doctor Julian Bashir, the English (Siddig el Fadil was born in the Sudan, but raised in England) doctor whose genetically-engineered traits were hidden for years from starfleet.
    Chief Engineer Miles Edward O'Brien, the transporter officer from Transporter Room 3, aboard the Enterprise; always trying to be better than his good friend, Bashir, with whom he spent most of his free time in the holodeck.
    Quark, the Ferengi bartender who always had a money making scheme, and a threat from Odo. While he claims to love money, he sometimes shows that he truly cares about is brother, Nog, and nephew, Rom.
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