Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 6 Episode 2

Rocks and Shoals (3)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 06, 1997 on Syndicado



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: Sisko refers to the events of "To The Death", however the Jem'Hadar proverb he quotes, "Obedience brings victory", is not heard in that episode.

    • Nitpick: In the prisoner exchange scene, Nog anxiously hurried out in front of Garak, despite his (Nog's) earlier promise not to turn his back on Garak again.

    • Goof: As an act of protest, Vedek Yassim commits suicide, hanging herself by jumping off the Promenade balcony. For a human, jumping from that height with a noose around one's neck would be likely to result in decapitation rather than strangling or cervical fracture. Assuming that Bajoran and human physiologies are roughly similar, the result should have been the same for the Vedek. In hanging, the desired effect is to cause a broken neck, which should result in loss of consciousness within seconds. Therefore the length of the drop depends on a person's weight, ranging from about eight feet for a 100 pound person to five and a half feet for a 200 pound person. Less than this, and slow, painful strangulation could result; significantly more than this, and decapitation is likely.

  • Quotes

    • O'Brien: Try it now. Reroute the damn gyrodyne through the damn thruster array.
      Nog: Got it.
      O'Brien: Nog, did you reroute that damn gyrodyne?
      Nog: I'm trying, but the damn thrust array won't take the input.
      O'Brien: Try the lateral impulse thrusters and watch your mouth!

    • Keevan: I only have one further question for you. Is there a doctor in your unit?
      Garak: Yes.
      Nog: Garak!
      Keevan: Don't be too hard on him, young man. He just saved your life.

    • Keevan: That... that's a communications system. It needs repair, but I'm willing to bet that you've brought one of those famed Starfleet engineers who can turn rocks into replicators.

    • Nog: You can walk in front of me or beside me, but I'll never turn my back to you again.
      Garak: Cadet, there may be hope for you yet.

    • Odo: This is a difficult time for everyone. Do you think it's easy for me to sit down with Dukat and Weyoun every day while they plot the destruction of the Federation?
      Kira: I'm not pointing a finger at you, Odo. I'm the one who told you to get more involved in the first place. No, this is about me. This is about being able to look in the mirror every morning and not feel nauseated by what I see.

    • Remata'Klan: Until we re-establish communications, we will hold this world for the Dominion.
      Limara'Son: And if we cannot re-establish communications?
      Remata'Klan: Then we will hold this world for the Dominion... until we die.

    • Remata'Klan: I am a Jem'Hadar, he is a Vorta. It is the order of things.
      Sisko: Do you really want to give up your life for the order of things?
      Remata'Klan: It is not my life to give up, Captain - and it never was.

  • Notes

    • All of the shots with the ocean and the shoreline were digitally created.

    • In the original script, the rescue of the crew by the IKS Rotarran was in this episode. The scene saw the crew burying Gordon and the Jem'Hadar. Worf and two Klingons beam down and Garak tells Worf, "For once, Mister Worf, it's good to see you". Worf looks at the graves and tells Sisko that, "You were outnumbered. It must have been glorious".

    • Terry Farrell has a medical condition preventing her from being out in the sun too much. This made it impossible for her to present for much of this episode's exterior shots, hence Dax's rather pointless injury that leaves her incapacitated for most of the episode.

    • Michael Dorn (Lt. Commander Worf) does not appear in this episode. This is the first episode Dorn doesn't appear in since joining the cast.

  • Allusions

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