Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 24


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM May 22, 1995 on Syndicado

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  • "Next time I start getting nostalgic for the old days, shoot Lupaza

    Getting back into Bajoran Politics (last seen in "Life Support") DS9 wastes no time in replacing Bareil in this Kira episode that introduces Shakaar, a Clint Eastwood-like war hero, as the new Bajoran heartthrob who's everything Kai Winn isn't. Duncan Regehr plays the titular character, and he's okay, but the story itself is a paint by numbers redress of "Progress" with a more personal connection for Kira. (There's also a B story that's just a harmless runner about the O'Brien being "in the zone" as a dart player).

    The episode does have its moments: Nana Visitor and the guest stars are good together, Louise Fletcher steals some scenes as Kai Winn, and freshman composer Paul Baillargeon delivers a score that's a welcome change of pace from the series norm. But the A and B stories both end abruptly, and the conclusion is ultimately unsatisfying and forgettable.

  • Development of Kira's character.

    This episode inevitably echoes the first season's "Progress", but is overall a stronger story because Kira's character has matured a lot. She attempts the role of diplomat and collaborator with the powers that be. Nevertheless, when those powers betray her, she switches to the side of the little guy. Louise Fletcher's Winn is entertaining as always, albeit one dimensional here, and Avery Brooks's brief appearances trying to knock some sense into her are great.

    The second story is much lighter and more humorous, with O'Brien in the dart-throwing "zone". The resolution is somewhat disappointing, but it doesn't negate Colm Meaney haven't the time of his life as the Chief who can't miss.
  • Conflict on Bajor over something trivial almost ignites civil war

    I don't know about anyone else, but I love these episodes that deal with politics on Bajor.

    Never before has a Star Trek series gone into so much detail on this type of subject.

    As an added bonus, this episode is a Kira episode, perhaps the best character in any series. We get to see more of her rocky relationship with Kai Winn, plus we meet for the first time some of her old resistance collegues including Shakaar (whom this episode is named after).

    Following the events of 'Life Support', Kai Winn's popularity for negotiating peace with the Cardassians has allowed her to take on the role of First Minister of Bajor.

    With this power, she is eager to start-up Bajor's export of various farming delicacies, however before the Cardassian's left, they poisoned most of Bajor's farmland.

    But with the use of newly invented soil reclamation technology, these poisoned soils can be made fertile again. The problem is, Shakaar and the others who are using them refuse to return the technology to the Government.

    Kai Winn requests that Kira talk to them, since she knows them well. But when she decides not to 'do her dirty work', Winn attempts to arrest Shakaar and his people, but they resist and go on the run.

    Needless to say, if you enjoy these political/loyalty testing episodes, you will like this one. A true testament to the brilliance of Deep Space Nine!
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