Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 4 Episode 7

Starship Down

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Nov 06, 1995 on Syndicado

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  • "I hate the Gamma Quadrant" - Quark

    Like "Civil Defense" this ensemble piece is a variation of the idea introduced in TNG's fifth season episode "Disaster": a disaster happens, segregating the characters and forcing them to work through separate plotlines to survive and put things back in order.

    In this case, the disaster happens to the Defiant, which becomes trapped in the atmosphere of a giant gas planet. This setting gives us some rich visual effects which, thanks to mid-90s advancements in CGI, approach cinema quality. The assortment of stories within the plot, however, is all quite basic. In contrast with the "fish out of water" theme in "Disaster" or the humorous aspects of "Civil Defense", this one plays out fairly straight with the characters not far out of their comfort zones: Worf ends up in charge of the ship and has trouble dealing with a couple engineers, Quark is trapped in a room with an alien (James Cromwell) he's been trying to cheat, Kira attends to a concussed Sisko, and Bashir is trapped in a turbolift with Dax. The nature of this sort of storytelling keeps things moving along briskly, with it necessary to continually switch from story to story. And there are highlights: Cromwell is fantastic, the engineers Worf deals with are goofy enough to be charming in their own right, and Kira's dialogue with Sisko is beautiful. There's also an extended wrap up which serves the show well, giving us a more satisfactory conclusion than some of the rushed endings of DS9's past. It's all very watchable; however, it doesn't break any new ground and feels at times like another day at the office.

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