Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 7 Episode 4

Take Me Out to the Holosuite

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 21, 1998 on Syndicado

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  • It's not about baseball.

    I've been reading the reviews that other fans had written above, and I think that they`re judging this episode in the wrong way. It's not about "DS9 playing baseball", it´s about team play, about understanding each other, about knowing our own limitations. Abount companionship, and friendship.
    We see Odo as the referee, an alien from far, far away acting as the "law" in a simple earthly game. Worf, a klingon warrier with gloves, a bat and running around, with snickers.
    I think that the whole episode deals with the notion of "what it's important is not to win, but to play". When Captain Sisko lets Rom enter the field, and announces his name through the speakers, and the people claps and shouts for him, was one of the most emotive moments of the whole series. I recomend to see this episode with this notion: friendship.
    Watch it and tell me later...
  • 40 minutes of mind numbing cliche and tedium! BUCKLE UP!

    It goes without saying that Star Trek has in its almost 40 years on the screen produced its fair share of regrettable episodes...

    This is certainly one of them.

    There isn't much to say beyond - this episode might as well just be "DS9 play baseball" and we all know baseball is probably just about the most boring sport ever conceived.
  • Okay episode.

    This episode was really misplaced. It wasn't a bad episode. It's just that it didn't make sense for the crew to play a baseball game in the middle of a fatal war of drastic measures. Maybe the writers did this for comic relief, but other than that, it was definately out of character. I thought that the baseball game was funny. I thought that seeing certain characters try the game for the first time was also very comical. But I could never get over the fact that it was in the middle of a war. I guess Captain Sisko decided to let the troops have fun. Thank you.
  • Silly, but not necessarily in a bad way, hehe. DS9 goes out onto the sunlight, and the baseball field.

    Okay, so my understanding of baseball is rather limited, but I still found myself explaining the little I knew to my dad, who watched this ep with me, haha. So it's a baseball episode... Hm... Well, if you don't take it too seriously, you can get past the fact that the vulcans are petty and almost mean, at least IMO, which if you think about it is not as rare as you'd expect for a species with no emotions and have some fun. It's a "light" episode, where even the simple lesson of Rom's participation was something out of a weekend TV movie. But if you take the episode in the spirit in which it was offered, it makes for a good time. By all means: Play ball!
  • A Vulcan captain challenges Captain Sisko to a baseball game. Bravo to the writers!

    Throughout the series, it becomes known that Captain Sisko has a love for the game of baseball. What better way to "make real" his affection for the game, then to actually have one played on DS9.

    Those who thought the episode was silly either was not a fan of baseball, or is simply a negative person who can't see the lighter side of things.

    Not only was the idea of the episode awesome (I would have rated it an 11 if would allow it) it was brilliantly written.

    A silly episode would have been written in a predictable way. The way events unfolded during the game were surprising and unexpected. The victors of the game and the game's stars, mirror the series' twists, turns, and unorthodox style dissimilar to the other Trek series. The way it ended was a gem!
  • Filler? Maybe. But I enjoyed it thoroughly! Good way to give us (and the cast) a break from the war.

    This episode has been called a filler episode. Yep, I admit it, that's probably what it was. But evenso, is that bad? I don't think so. The cast and the viewers do need a little time every now and again to put the Dominion War out of their minds.

    This episode was well written and great fun. We all know how much Sisko loves baseball. We get to see him teach his crew how to play.

    My favorite line has to be when Nog doesn't know what to do when one of the Vulcans doesn't touch home plate. Worf's response? "Find him and kill him." Haha... I was laughing hysterically after that quote! Nog ends up getting the player out, thankfully. (He nearly tags him, but has to throw the ball home when the Vulcan avoids his tag.) Side note: Are they saying that all Vulcans look alike?

    I really do enjoy having a fun episode every now and again. Especially with what I know happens after this...
  • This is a fine episode of the series not for its depth but for the chance it had to show how almost ANY story can be SF.

    This episode is mainly a character study of the DS9 crew, and a sidenote to the Vulcan character as well.

    It\'s not to be taken too seriously, just as a fun sidebar episode to the rest of the season\'s main plot. It could probably have been located almost anywhere in the series, from season 2 onward, and worked as well.

    On an SF related note, this episode is part of what makes DS9 the best SF of the ST series, since this series manages, more than any other, to demonstrate the versatility of the SF format. This story could be told without any SF elements and lie mostly unchanged. SF can be quality fiction as much as any other format, it just all too often is sold short by lazy writers and ignorant consumers.

    A Vulcan captain with a long history of rivalries with Sisko challenges him to play a game of BBall with the Vulcan\'s shipmates. The story of the lead-up to the game (along with Sisko\'s history with the Vulcan) and the play of the game are almost the entirety of the episode.

    [Note: Spoiler to follow]
    In the end, the DS9 crew loses (no surprises, Worf is the only one who ought to be able to hold his own in a drawn-out physical contest with a Vulcan), but, in the process, they changed the rules -- since they had no real time to develop their skills as a team, they took a success, in the scoring a single run, using the obviously weakest of their members, as being a moral victory. The ensuing celebration, of course, is highly \"illogical\", and therefore frustrating as hell to the Vulcan captain, since it deprives him of his opportunity to lord it over Sisko. While gloating is not something Vulcans are really supposed to do, it is, in fact, something they are prone to, regardless. This gives the crew and Sisko more fun with the Vulcan captain, as he exhibits pique at their \"illogical\" celebrations.
  • This episode was basically all about a baseball game. It was good to watch, but was a little over done. It was easy to tell that they couldn't really play at all.

    This episode was basically all about a baseball game. It was good to watch, but was a little over done. It was easy to tell that they couldn't really play at all.

    I don't watch this show for baseball, but is was funny to see. Not my favorite episode ever of Deep Space Nine, but still was decent. Then end wasn't that great either.