Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 6

The Abandoned

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 31, 1994 on Syndicado

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  • Sort of an allegory about raising a pit bull... who eats your children.

    This Odo episode is sort of a poor man's version of "The Child" (TNG, second season) with a similar idea but without the heart.

    The real problem is that the writers want to keep viewers from forgetting about the Dominion, but they don't want to move the Dominion story forward (at least not at this point). That leaves us with a difficult marriage of ideas: a Dominion filler episode. It's something the show would do better in subsequent seasons, but we're not there yet!

    For this one, it seems like director Avery Brooks and the writers are on different pages. Brooks lets the early scenes play out in a way that sets up "I, Borg" expectations. The writers, however, aren't going in that direction, giving us a payoff that's something else altogether. (Perhaps the whole thing would play out better if the baby was a Vorta).

    Meanwhile in the B story, sixteen year old Jake introduces his girlfriend to his father. (Did I mention she's a twenty year old Dabo girl who's built like an Orion slave girl?) It's actually an interesting, if short, subplot with some great facial reactions from Jake and his father; although I do wonder if Sisko (and the writers) would act the same way if we were talking about a sixteen year old daughter dating a twenty year old guy who seems to be falling out of his clothes. Still, I'm sure Cirroc Lofton (Jake) and sixteen year old boys around the world like the writers' choice. (Not to mention the choice of the casting director; although one wonders if Lofton picked out the actress himself. Speaking of which, it must have been interesting for Lofton and guest star Jill Sayre to shoot the "meet the Dad" scenes with "Dad" as the director). Whatever the case, it distracts from the A story like a Dabo girl distracting us from the game... which might be the point. What's this episode about again?

    Oh yeah overall the episode isn't that good, even with Auberjonois trying his darndest.

  • Character development filler - solid, not great.

    I'm surprised by the other reviewer's statement that this feels like a TNG episode. If anything, it's a mirror universe version of "I, Borg". Yes, our heroes discover a lost "infant" descended from the most dangerous of enemies. Yes, that infant is forced to discover who he really is when separated from his society. And yes, one character tries to "bring him up right" despite the wariness of his crewmates.

    But that's where the similarity ends. "I, Borg" was a classic, uplifting tale in the best TNG tradition - upbringing matters, a child born of evil can be redeemed. "The Abandoned" teases us (and Odo) with this possibility for a while, but eventually hammers home a brutal moral - some evil is completely beyond redemption.

    Overall, this is not the most interesting or exciting episode, but its implications echo through the rest of the series. (And turn out to be false - nobility occasionally emerges in the infant's species, even if it is rare.)
  • Great DS9 episode, but feels like a retread of TNG

    This episode is really great, it's one of the better episodes that tries to humanize Odo. However i do have some complaints. First the jake story line seems really out of character, i found it odd he is dating a woman 5 years older then him especially since he rarley appeared in the last few episodes so the audience still sees him as a kid, the writers should have included more "growing up" scenes in the past few episods to gear us up to seeing jake dating a woman. Also, this episode while great is very reminicent of the TNG episode "I, Borg". so much in fact that i found my self distracted by comparing the two episodes, and in my case the TNG episode was much better. Still a solid Ds9 outting, but if your a TNG fan you might find that you spend half the episode wishing you were watching "I, Borg"