Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 2 Episode 2

The Circle (2)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 03, 1993 on Syndicado

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  • A great political thriller

    The middle installment of Trek's first three parter (now known as "The Circle Trilogy") serves, in a way, as DS9's second pilot, echoing the first and stirring up enough political intrigue to give many future episodes ideas to explore.

    With a confidence that belies the second season, "The Circle" begins (after the teaser) with one of Trek's all-time great comedy scenes and then spends the rest of the episode throwing a bit of everything at the viewer, including drama, action, great sets, beautiful locations, and amazing guest stars. And either fortunately or unfortunately, the episode doesn't really find anything for Richard Beymer ("Li Nalas") to do, though you can see they're trying. With all the other elements to juggle, the script can be forgiven for letting one hit the ground.

    This episode serves as the template for the Bajoran political thrillers to come.

  • Topic: Politics/Terrorism - Kira bounces between Bajor and DS9 while Bajor is at the brink of Civil War. Starfleet prepares to evacuate DS9. Warning Label: Mild adult situations. Family Rating: PG

    Emotional response was excited by the prospect of losing DS9 so soon to a planet in danger of losing itself in the process. Series Impact: Kira is recalled to Bajor and not reassigned. Starfleet prepares to evacuate DS9. Bajor stands at the brink of Civil War.

    # of Nine: Action 8, Suspense 7, Drama 6, Comedy 1

    Acting - very good
    Scenery - Commander's Office, Siskos' quarters, Kira's quarters, OPs, Bajoran monastery and arboretum, Security HQ, Cressari cargo ship, Bajoran military conference room, The Circle caves
    Sound - good
    Lighting - good
    Effects - very good - Odo does rat!
    Costumes - very good
    Props - Synth ale bottle and glasses, 3rd Orb (of prophecy and change), cargo summary pad
  • Ratcheting up the excitement.

    The trilogy that opens up season 2 of DS9 presages the show's modus operandi in later years - a willingness to carry forward lots of separate threads, trusting that fans will have the patience to watch them all tie together by the end.

    We get that here - Sisko exploring Bajoran politics, Kira rediscovering herself at a Bajoran monastery, Jaro plotting a coup, and Odo carrying out an investigation. Each of these stories is interesting and engaging in its own right. The rescue of Kira from captivity - a sequence that would normally wrap up an episode, is placed in the middle.

    Despite this trilogy's focus on Kira's character, there are some nice Sisko moments here - particularly the moment in which he decides to ignore an admiral's orders. And the amusing farewell sequence in Major Kira's quarters has the humor that the show weaved so skillfully even into its most serious stories.
  • Beautifully written, this deftly juggles a complex plot with an exhilarating political drama, powerful characterisation and comedy

    Things heat up with this densely plotted continuation. After Kira has been recalled to Bajor, she spends some time with Vedek Bareil only to be abducted by the Bajoran extremist group The Circle, led by the sinister Minister Jaro (Frank Langella, in a memorable guest performance). Meanwhile, Sisko learns that the Circle plans a coup, taking over the Bajoran government and driving out the Federation.

    The script, beautifully written by the incomparable Peter Allan Fields, deftly juggles all the different elements and the result is a breath-taking, exhilarating combination of political drama, powerful characterisation and well-judged comedy (the scene in Kira's quarters as she prepares to leave is a sheer delight). Brilliant.