Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 2 Episode 1

The Homecoming (1)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Sep 26, 1993 on Syndicado

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  • Li may be a legend, but he's sure boring. Fortunately, this episode is not.

    DS9's version of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" is, unfortunately, at its best when "the man" (famed resistance fighter Li Nalas) is not present. Truth be told, guest star Richard Beymer isn't that bad, though he's not that good either. The real problem is the writing, which makes Li Nalas a more interesting character when he's offscreen than on.

    Happily, Li is absent for much of the episode, an ensemble piece that moves along at a nice clip and has just enough bits throughout to keep things interesting.
  • A nice setup for Star Trek's first three-parter.

    Nearing the end of an erratic season 1 in which the show was searching for its identity, DS9 hit its stride in the final 2 episodes. And then, with this season 2 opening trilogy, the show came running out of the gate.

    This episode operates largely as setup for the next two parts, and has several disparate threads that would only come together in parts 2 and 3. But there's enough substance here that the episode is enjoyable watching on its own merits. The liberation of the Bajoran prison camp is exciting. The link to the show's initial arc makes it satisfying - not just another TNG knockoff.

    All 3 episodes are recommended.
  • The first part of an excellent trilogy sees Kira risk life and limb to rescue a Bajoran war hero from Cardassia...perhaps the last chance to unite her people?

    Season two of DS9 kicks off with the first of an excellent trilogy. Whilst DS9's first season was a mixed bag, it went out with on a spectacular high that saw the writers discover DS9's true strengths. In short, DS9 had found its voice. Of course, the dark, complex political storylines prove baffling to many viewers, who were simply unaccustomed to such stories on a Star Trek series. But for now, DS9 seemed to be on a roll...

    This is a slow-burning but rewarding season opener, filled with great characterisation, a sparkling script and some fascinating political intrigue. The ending is rather abrupt but that's a small complaint in an otherwise superlative season premiere.
  • Topic: Justice/Symbolism - Kira and O'Brien rescue a famous resistance leader from Cardassian territory, who was believed to have been killed in action. Warning Label: Energy weapons volley. Family Rating: PG

    Emotional response was saddened by the overall outcome of an unwilling leader and Kira's dismissal.

    Series Impact: Kira is recalled from DS9 in favor of the newly rescued symbol of Bajoran strength and stamina.

    # of Nine: Suspense 5, Action 5, Drama 4, Comedy 1

    Acting - good
    Scenery - Quark's, Kira's quarters, Promenade, Habitat Ring Section 34, Commander's Office, OPs, Shuttlecraft, Cardassia 4, Infirmary, docking port, Guest Quarters, Siskos' quarters
    Sound - good
    Lighting - good
    Effects - good
    Costumes - great
    Props - Bajoran earring, mug and plate, baseball, dermal regenerator, Latinum bars
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