Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 3

The House of Quark

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 10, 1994 on Syndicado

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  • Quark the Killer

    It's the old Steve Urkel gag again. Similar to Li Nalas becoming a hero by blind luck, Quark has his own "Did I do that?" moment, and it's used as a catalyst for a humorous story with a bit of action, comedy, and heart (the typical Quark episode formula). It's a nice take on Quark and the Klingon culture, with Mary Kay Adams turning in a fine performance as Grilka (the widow), Robert O'Reilly making his first appearance as Gowron on DS9, and Armin Shimmerman yet again bringing respectability to the Ferengi.

    Meanwhile, the B story about Chief O'Brien trying to please his wife is short and forgettable, serving simply to move Keiko out of the picture for a while to make room for more Chief O'Brien/Dr. Bashir scenes.

    Grilka and her advisor, Tumek (played by Joseph Ruskin, who appears in every Star Trek series except TNG,) return in the fifth season in the episode, "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places".

  • Among the best Ferengi episodes.

    For the second time in a row, DS9 pulls off a Klingon episode very effectively in a way that TNG could not during its last 3 seasons. This time around, they're played almost entirely for laughs off the Ferengi. The irony is especially rich because in this case, the hero is an avaricious and venal Ferengi who shows more bravery than all the bombastic "warriors" who surround him.

    We also get a nice support role from Max Grodenchik here – though this was not our first look at Rom, the character's depth was beginning to round out nicely by this point. Eventually, he'd be much more than a foil and punching bag for Quark.
  • An over the top funny and very good episode

    This episode was just hilarious from start to end. Here you have the two extremely diverse cultures Ferengi and Klingons mixing it up, with our heroic Quark in the middle of it all. Of course you love the serious and action packed episodes, however the over the top comedy such as this one is well deserving of praise, not to mention this episode has some fine acting and simply flows nicely along. Credit goes to the writing and of course our infamous Kilngon slayer Quark.

    There's a side story regarding O'brian and the Keiko which for a change wasn't the typical scenes of Keiko playing the whining wife when her school gets shut down, but rather an opportunity presents itself and leaves for a rather constructive ending as well as some good scenes between the two of them. A breath of fresh air actually.

    Again the real credit to the episode lies with the misfit Quark, who always seems to find a way into a jam, and yet always seems to find a way out as well.

    And that's the honest truth...
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