Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 2 Episode 26

The Jem'Hadar

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 12, 1994 on Syndicado



  • Trivia

    • The U.S.S Odyssey is the third Galaxy-class starship to be destroyed on a Star Trek series. The previous ones were the U.S.S. Yamato, which was destroyed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Contagion" and the U.S.S. Enterprise in "Cause And Effect".

    • Eris tells Sisko the Vorta homeworld is Kurill Prime.

    • Ferengi Rule Of Acquisition #102: Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever.

    • Goof: As Sisko, Quark and Eris escape from the Jem'Hadar detention field, Sisko throws a rifle to Quark and then takes a weapon from one of the dead Jem'Hadar. However, as they run through the jungle, Sisko is no longer carrying it.

    • Nitpick: Quark complains about the humidity on the planet, which is unusual given his home planet Ferenginar has constant rain.

    • Goof: The Jem'Hadar soldiers in this episode lack the trademark ketracel-white feeding tube that was seen on them for the rest of the series. Instead, they have a smaller black tube.

    • Eris exhibits telekinetic powers which are never used again by other Vorta in the show. One possible explanation is that Eris was simply a custom-made clone for that mission only. The Founders would undoubtedly be wary of making their underlings too powerful.

  • Quotes

    • Eris: (referring to Quark) If we escape, do we have to take him with us?

    • Sisko: How did you know the security barrier was lethal?
      Eris: Because everything about the Jem'Hadar is lethal.

    • Sisko: (as they walk through a forest on the planet they are suveying) Pretty, isn't it?
      Quark: I don't see what's so pretty about it.
      Nog: I think they mean the trees and stuff.
      Quark: (snorting in contempt) Ahhh!
      Sisko: Quark, this is as close to Paradise as you're going to get! All you need to do is allow yourself to see it.
      Quark: I'll tell you what I see in two words: exploitable resources!

    • Sisko: Quark, maybe you'd better take a look at this.
      Quark: (annoyed) Sure. Quark, be quiet. Quark, stand watch. Quark, pick a lock. All you ever do is order me around. You know, Commander, I think I've figured out why humans don't like Ferengi.
      Sisko: Not now, Quark.
      Quark: The way I see it, humans used to be a lot like Ferengi. Greedy, acquisitive, interested only in profit. We're a constant reminder of a part of your past you'd rather forget.
      Sisko: Quark, we don't have time for this.
      Quark: But you're overlooking something. Humans used to be a lot worse than the Ferengi. Concentration camps, interstellar wars, slavery; we have nothing in our past that even approaches that kind of barbarism. You see, we're nothing like you. (a small pause, as Quark realizes something) We're better. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lock to pick.

    • Eris: The Jem'Hadar are the most feared soldiers in the Dominion.
      Quark: The Ferengi have been trying to open trade negotiations with the Dominion for almost a year. We've never even heard of the Jem'Hadar.
      Eris: Then you've been fortunate. Negotiations with the Dominion can be a very dangerous thing. The Dominion decides that you have something that they want, and then they come and take it - by negotiation or by force.

    • Talak'Talan: A Ferengi, and a human. I was hoping the first race I'd meet from the other side of the anomaly would be the Klingons.
      Sisko: I'm sorry to disappoint you.
      Talak'Talan: It's too late for apologies. The Dominion will no longer stand by and allow ships from your side to violate our territory.

    • Talak'Talan: Here is a list of vessels we've destroyed for violating our territory.
      Kira: Where did you get this datapadd?
      Talak'Talan: From the Bajoran colony on our side of the anomoly. You should be proud. I hear they fought well for a... spiritual people.

    • Talak'Talan: I'm Third Talak'Talan of the Jem'Hadar. I am here to inform you that your Commander has been detained for questioning by the Dominion.
      Kira: Detained? For how long?
      Talak'Talan: Indefinitely. Commander Sisko will serve as an example of what happens to anyone who interferes with the Dominion.
      Kira: What kind of interference are you talking about?
      Talak'Talan: Coming through the anomoly is interference enough. Unless you wish to continue to offend the Dominion, I suggest you stay on your side of the galaxy.

    • Kira: She'll be back. The question is, who she'll bring with her?
      Sisko: If the Dominion comes through the wormhole, the first battle will be fought here, and I intend to be ready for them.

    • Sisko: The Jem'Hadar wanted us to escape, didn't they? That was the plan all along, for us to bring you back here, so you could spy on the Federation.
      Eris: Well done, Commander.
      Sisko: You're one of the Founders, aren't you?
      Eris: You think the Founders would waste their time with you?
      Sisko: Constable.
      Odo: Madam, if you'll come with us...
      Eris: You have no idea what has begun here.

    • Sisko: Quark, shut up!
      Quark: I have a right to express my opinion!
      Sisko: I'm about to put my fist through your opinion!

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