Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 6 Episode 21

The Reckoning

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Apr 29, 1998 on Syndicado

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  • Okay Sisko Episode But Nothing Special

    Throwing a bit of Kai Winn into a Sisko story, this episode (a loose followup to fifth season's "Rapture") has a lot of talk for the first three quarters before a comic book ending pitting good versus evil. Unlike the usual situation with Sisko trying to do the right thing while Winn invokes the prophets to further her agenda, this time the formula is reversed, with Sisko kind of coming off like a jerk if you're looking at it from Winn's perspective. (Actually it's kind of funny to see Sisko explain that the prophets want him to do the things he does while Winn is all like, "Quit using the prophets as an excuse!")

    It all leads to a "main character must die" tease that's reminiscent of "Amok Time" but which is visually more along the lines of Ghostbusters. In the end, the dilemma is resolved by one character's surprising decision, though the story suffers from not having an explanation for it, leaving fans to argue over why it was made.

    Still, the episode is fun for what it is and is a turning point for Kai Winn, sending her down the path she will continue until the series finale.

  • An intense sequel to "The Rapture".

    Starting in season 3, the writers made sure to spend at least one episode per season advancing the Prophets arc - which, in some ways, matched the Dominion War in importance. This episode continues that arc, while unifying a few other loose ends and propels the story toward the final season.

    Along with the "blurred boundaries between good and evil" theme, the Prophets arc did more than any other element of DS9 to break with the traditional, hyperscientific Star Trek universe. By this point, it's not clear whether Sisko's loyalties lie with Starfleet anymore, or even with his family! At its climax, the episode introduces an unusual element that I believe had never appeared in Star Trek before - two effectively supernatural beings battling it out, with humanity and other mortals reduced to mere spectators.

    As usual, Louise Fletcher offers a wonderfully textured performance as the villanous Kai Winn.
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