Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 5 Episode 8

Things Past

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Nov 18, 1996 on Syndicado



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Listen in the scene where Dr. Bashir questioned the computer in the infirmary, it responded with the beep of a Starfleet computer rather than that of the Cardassian computer present on the station.

  • Quotes

    • Odo: Would it damage the timeline too much if Quark were to have a little accident?

    • Dukat: The Bajorans are... well, they're like my children, I suppose. And like any father, I want only what's best for them.
      Jadzia: (pretending to be a Bajoran) And you still feel that way now, after some of your 'children' tried to kill you.
      Dukat: Bad manners are the fault of the parent, not the child.

    • Odo: There is more to life than the rule of law.
      Thrax: It has been my observation that only the guilty make that kind of statement.

    • Garak: I took the liberty of borrowing this from the gentleman who thought my nose needed adjustment.
      Odo: I see I'm going to have to add the word 'pickpocket' to your resume.
      Garak: It's only a hobby.
      Odo: Interesting that a simple tailor should just happen to have a high level security code.
      Garak: Yes, isn't it? And if my nose didn't hurt so much, I'd tell you a fascinating story about how I came to possess it.

    • Garak: (working in Quark's bar) I remember the occupation being a little more tidy than this.
      Sisko: Everything's tidy when someone else is doing the cleaning.
      Garak: The Bajorans were much more suited for this sort of thing than we were - servile work is in their nature.
      Sisko: I'll remember to mention that to Major Kira when we get back.
      Garak: There are exceptions to every rule.

    • Quark: Well, you know how rumors are.
      Thrax: Yes - they're usually true.

    • Resistance Member: ...if you tried to kill one of the spoonheads...
      Garak: SPOONHEADS?!

    • Garak: You'd think they'd put us in our own cell block, instead of with the common criminals! After all, we are accused of attempting to assassinate the station's commander! That deserves some respect!
      Sisko: Maybe they'll salute when they execute us.

    • Sisko: I thought the Bajorans bent over backwards to be polite to you, Garak.
      Garak: Giving me a name tag that read: 'Elim Garak, former Cardassian Oppressor', was hardly polite!

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