Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM May 06, 1998 on Syndicado

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  • The crew of the Valiant try to pull of a \"Voyager\" but sadly fail miserably.

    This is another excellent episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

    It begins with Jake and Nog being picked up by the U.S.S. Valiant after being attacked by the Jem\'Hadar only to find the ship crewed by Academy Red Squad cadets.

    The cadets were on a training missing when all of the regular officers were killed and Tim Watters was given a field commision to Captain and promoted other Red Squad members as needed. He even took over the assignment that

    However, their lack of actual experience prevents them from making the nessecary repairs to the ship. Nog helps them to get their ship running and the Valiant manages to find the Dominion Battle Cruiser they had to find.

    But instead of being smart and going home, the crew finds and apparant weakness in the Cruiser\'s design and decides to exploit it using a risky plan involing modified torpedoes. Jake tried to offer his opinion on the matter but he is drowned out by Watter who appeals to the ego of the cadets buy saying that Red Squad can do anything. Even Nog will not listen to his former friend.

    Soon the preparations are complete and the Valiant attacks the Dominion ship. Due to the inability to use torpedoes (since they are loaded with the special torpedoes) they take a beating before they even come into range of their target.

    They eventually do and the Valiant launches its torpedoes which manage to hit their target. The ship is caught in a fiery explosion and the cadets cheer. But their celebration is short lived and too early as the Dominion ship has not been destroyed.

    Unprepared for this outcome the Valiant is targeted by the Battle Cruiser in retaliation and destroyed. Only one escape pod containing Jake, Nog and Collins makes out alive and is rescued by the Defiant.

    On the Defiant the trio discuss what happened and Jake decides to write a story about it. Nog feels that Watters was a bad captain and got a good ship with a good crew killed. Collins feels that Watters was a great captain and that Red Squad failed him. Nog feels that Jake should put both opinions in his story and let readers decide for themselves.

    I really liked this episode as it shows just what overconfidence can do with people. These cadets think they can handle anything and as a result their arrogance blinds them to the truth.

    I cannot help but see a similarity to Star Trek Voyager. Janeway often goes on similar missions (such as in Unimatrix Zero or Dark Frontier) but always manages to survive.

    Of course I want the good guys to win but Voyager does it with so much ease that the whole show becomes rather unrealistic and boring to watch as you know it will all be just fine when the end credits roll over the screen.

    At least Deep Space Nine (and Enterprise, for that matter) kept viewers surprised and that was a major asset. And so are episodes like Valiant.
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