Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jan 08, 1998 on Syndicado



  • Quotes

    • Sisko: (talking about the Bajorans) So why do you think they didn't appreciate the rare opportunity you were offering them?
      Dukat: Because they were blind, ignorant fools. They couldn't see that if they had only chosen to cooperate with us, we could've turned their world into a paradise. From the moment we arrived on Bajor, it was clear that we were the superior race. But they couldn't accept that. They wanted to be treated as equals when they most definitely were not. Militarily, technologically, culturally - we were almost a century ahead of them in every way. We did not choose to be the superior race. Fate handed us that role. It would've been so much easier on everyone if the Bajorans had simply accepted their role. But no... day after day they clustered in their temples and prayed for deliverance, and night after night they planted bombs outside our homes. Pride. That's what it was. Stubborn, unyielding pride. From the servant girl that cleaned my quartes to the condemned man toiling in a labor camp to the terrorist skulking throught the hills of Dahkur Province, they each wore their pride like some twisted badge of honor.
      Sisko: And you hated them for it.
      Dukat: Of course I hated them! Their superstitions and their cries for sympathy, their treachery and their lies, their smug superiority and their stiff-necked obstinacy, their stupid earrings and their broken, wrinkled noses! Yes, I hated them, I hated everything about them!
      Sisko: You should have killed them all.
      Dukat: Yes! Yes! That's right, isn't it? I knew it! I've always known it! I should have killed every last one of them. I should have turned their planet into a graveyard the likes of which the Galaxy has never seen! I should have killed them all.
      (Sisko hits Dukat with a metal bar, rendering him unconscious)
      Sisko: And that's why you're not an evil man.