Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 7 Episode 25

What You Leave Behind (1)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 02, 1999 on Syndicado

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  • My attempt to review half an episode

    Taking a more leisurely pace than "All Good Things", DS9's two hour series finale brings the Dominion war to a close and sends the characters off into the sunset in a way that TOS doesn't and TNG, with its move to feature films, can't. It's a character-based emotional roller-coaster filled with action, suspense, comeuppance, laughter, tears, and goodbyes.

    Closing the book on the series, the episode has to hit a number of plot points (and a record setting number of guest stars), but in the sure hands of director Allan Kroeker (who would on to direct the finales of Voyager, and Enterprise), each beat hits at the right time, giving the war's endgame a satisfying layout and turning the aftermath into an engaging coda. With previous episodes carefully positioning the characters into different facets of the war, the finale is able to bring us its conclusion from a wide variety of viewpoints, giving us a less of a comic book close and more of a realistic representation of victory and defeat than television is known for. (How ironic for this to happen in a sci fi series!) There aren't one or two actions that will ultimately decide the lives of billions; there are many events happening simultaneously that form the conclusion, cutting off options and hemming in the losing side before the leader is finally cornered and forced to accept the checkmate.

    And yet it all leaves room for the aftermath to breath. with the characters embarking on separate paths in a way that leaves no question that this is the end.

  • Great Episode

    Always entertaining .
  • "What You Leave Behind" still makes me cry even when I watch it now. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was and still is my favorite Star Trek show. And my favorite characters were Odo, Worf (even in TNG) and Quark.

    In the espisode "What You Leave Behind" was rather sad to me. As each character began to go their separate ways, it was like a part of my family leaving me. Some I might see again and others I may not??

    But why this particular episode provoked such a strong emotion within me, I still don't really understand. Although I did admire Captain Benjamin L. Sisko, as an excellent commander and a good father to Jake. Odo, Worf and Quark were my favorite characters.

    I suppose Odo because unlike Data (Star Trek:TNG) he didn't aspire to be more human. I wouldn't say that he despised the human race, but Odo didn't have any close relationship with any either. Not until Kira.. For some reason, Odo was very attracted to her.

    I'm certainly very thrilled that they finally got together towards the end. If they hadn't, I would have the same disatisfaction I feel everytime I see a "Kicks" Cereal commercial..."Silly rabbit, Kicks are for kids"

    That rabbit has been after that cereal for as long as I can remember...and I'm pretty tired of him not getting to taste them!!! arrrrggghhhh!!
  • A great episode.

    I thought "What You Leave Behind" part 1 was a great episode. It really was a great first part of a closing story for Deep Space Nine. I thought that everyone involved did a great job of performing and the show was well written. I enjoyed the battle scenes and all the internal conflict within the story. There was so much going on that I had trouble keeping up. This was an episode that paved the way for part 2. It was well suited to play a lead-in role and was very fitting. I also realized that the end of an era was coming to a close and that there would only be one episode left before it was all over. Thank you.