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  • Didn't like the characters and hated the style of filming.

    I didn't like any of the characters. I need a character that's relatable, like a Hurley from LOST, or a Chief from Battlestar, or a Wash from Firefly, or a DATA from TNG, but, there was no one interesting on board Discovery that I could cue into and root for and care about. A relatable character can ground and anchor a show, especially as a moral compass, and Burnham's self-discovery that her principles were more important than survival, wasn't enough for me as an audience to appreciate what they were building towards, although I assumed, with a story about moral compromise, that they would lead to such a realization eventually. Also, I hated the way the show is filmed with its oversaturated color profile and skewed rotating camera, which came off like an unnecessary self-indulgence, which is a shame because the gorgeous special effects and unbelievable set design weren't enjoyable because of the horrific style of filming.

    The way season 1 ended was so unbelievably contrived. As if, L'Rell using a bomb threat to destroy Kronos would bring all the Klingon houses together? Just too convenient and made Klingons into a bunch of idiots for not guarding their homeworld close enough in a time of war. Ridiculous.

    As a 15 episode season, the last 5 episodes kept me on the edge of my seat and were really great television, but as for the canon and what I expect of Star Trek, with this story about the growing pains of our world turning into a Utopia, it certainly caught my attention but not my heart or imagination.

    It doesn't matter how much money they throw at the production if they failed to make me care about Star Trek.

  • Just superb

    Seriously, this show is just brilliant. The storyline is so clever and mature, the characters are well written and played, the special effects and visuals are amazing.

    Really, it just doesn't get much better than this.
  • A wonderful long awaited Star Trek

    Star Trek discovery is all what we could have wished for in a new Star Trek show for the 2017-18 era, where love, justice and peace Isn't appreciated nor welcomed by the average TV consumer. Obviously a hardcore Star Trek fan would have like to see more of the Star Trek peaceful and loving dogma, but in this day and age, that would sadly be a recipie for a canceled show. Star Trek discovery is a great show, it has all the nececarry elements to be called Star Trek approved as well as a wonderful plot line, great cgi and a fantastic cast.

    I personally would never miss an episode.

    Live long and prosper
  • The incredible undiscovered potential of STAR TREK: Discovery

    While many of you have had a lots of complaints about this show not being "real" star trek and how it's inconsistent with all the other series, I say why does it have to be? This show created a universe(s) of it own right and it has the right to do whatever the hell it wants. It is a real refresh after so many years of watching stiff , plain, shallow characters going through the motion episode after episode achieving nothing special nor exciting. I think this series is like an infant ready to grow and become something great. You just need to let it grow and support it and I can guarantee you , You will not be disappointed.

    Sincerely yours

  • Review of STD (Star Trek: Dumpsterfire)

    Like many of the previous reviewers, I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan. Growing up in the 1990's, Star Treks TNG, DS9, and the later Voyager made up the new generation of Trek for me. Although I enjoyed all of them, Deep Space Nine was my favorite for its balance of traditional Trek themes and action from the Dominion Wars. This is my first review for a TV show, and it was strongly motivated by my disgust after watching just 5 episodes of STD (Star Trek: Dumpsterfire).

    Let me start by noting one positive point on this series. The visuals, special effects, sets, and props are clearly top-notch. There is nice attention to detail in many aspects, giving the show a "realistic" feel. It's clear that the $8-8.5 budget (per episode) was smartly spent to ensure everything looks this good.

    Now, the rest of this review will deal with the top 5 negatives I see in this show. Please note, there are definitely more than 5 things wrong with this show, these are just my top 5.

    #5 It's NOT broadcast - OK, I suppose there may be some justification for having this on a streaming service. Forcing US viewers to use CBS Online when it's available on Netflix everywhere else is a slap in the face, though. Adding commercials, well that's downright offensive!

    #4 Way too dark for Star Trek - DS9 was my favorite Trek show, with its no-nonsense Captain, loads of action, and a Federation starship that was built to FIGHT! Even with all this, it was still Roddenberry's optimistic view of the future with humans that were better and most importantly, class. Dumpsterfire is none of these things, it's just dark.

    #3 Poor writing - Alright, in Dumpsterfire's defense, plot holes are nothing new to Star Trek. However, modern shows are generally written to a much higher standard. To prevent dropping spoilers, I'll leave out specifics here.

    #2 Canon, or total lack of - Everything, from the Klingons to the ships, was redone. I may have yelled "THAT'S NOT A BIRD OF PREY!!!" at the TV once or twice. LOL I've read in an article there may be legal and licensing reasons for this. If that's true, those issues are an EXCUSE rather than JUSTIFICATION. Any such issues should have been resolved prior to filming.

    #1 It's a prequel - Really, who wanted another prequel. Star Trek: Enterprise failed because few wanted to see the past. At least that show made everything appear LESS advanced than the original, unlike Dumpsterfire. The sad thing is, if the producers had gone FORWARD, say 100 years, most of these issues could have been easily explained.

    Well, at this point I'm looking forward to the day Dumpsterfire is cancelled. I'm also grateful that a show that is both faithful to Trek's philosophies, and entertaining, is on the air. Suppose the biggest slap in Dumpsterfire's face is that Trek's parody, The Orville, is so much better. That really goes to show you what most Trek fans really want.
  • Entertaining and Imperfect

    I enjoy the season long story arc vs. the serialized self contained episodes of other runs. Some characters have yet to be fleshed out but one thing I like is that some of the main characters are not just cliche Star Trek prototypes that are just black and white caricatures in empty uniforms.

    BTW for those so called "Star Trek fans" that choose to hate and insult this show, just remember what happens to shows that don't get fan support. They go bye bye... Remember that next time you whine about how there's no new Star Trek content on TV if this one ever gets cancelled. How may more times do you think networks will go the well if these shows don't get supported.

    Personally I'd rather have a mediocre Star Trek show than none at all. If you think differently then you truly are dumber than a bag of rocks. And you also likely voted for Hillary Clinton...
  • Better than Enterprise, worse than the rest.

    Off the bat, I enjoy watching it but it is by no means something that I must watch asap as the episodes come out. Entertained but not enthused or engaged.

    I can boil it down to these:

    - Episodic stand alone shows are being replaced with wide reaching story arcs that require a start to finish viewing to grasp the story as a whole.

    - The crew is not that great. No personality stands out as being likeable. If a character died off then I would be eager to see the replacement.

    - It set in the past, before Kirk but after Archer. Why not be in the future, after Picard has left his mark? So many missed opportunities to evolve an already established universe while giving the viewers the mystery of exploring further than previous shows have done before.

    -The actual ship is based entirely on a FTL drive that has no mention in previous Treks, regardless of which dimension/timeline you view. Not sure what they intend to do with it.

    - While I'm at it, they have a ship that can go anywhere in the blink of an eye. Ending a war with the Klingons does not take a strategical mastermind in this case.

    I will stop there as I can keep going which is sad. I rather have more good than bad to say but I don;t. They screwed up. Go watch Orville.
  • Finally the Trek show I've been waiting for

    While 90% of trekkies seem to cheer for The Orville, in my opinion a TNG clone of the worst kind and boring beyond belief, Star Trek Discovery finally gets so much right, I can easily overlook the few little things I don't like about the show. After growing more and more bored with new Trek outings after DS9 - Voyager was badly written, episodic and repetitive, Enterprise was cancelled after its fourth season which finally got it right and the Abrams movies are well cast but badly executed - I'm exited again: Finally I get an ongoing storyline, mysteries and characters that may not be instantly likeable but rather as twisted as real human beings are. I still don't like what STD has done to the Klingons, visually and characterization-wise. I simply don't get them and what they want... But so far, one episode after another made me love the show and its characters more. I had to get through the "prequel episodes" first, which was tough. But when the real plot kicked in with episode 3, I was on board. Thanks for the second season!
  • Expanse 2.0 + Games of Thrones to much talk and some Pew Pew thats not Star Trek

    KoshismsForever und down does not like the new Klingons but Gives a 9.0 hello??

    I am also a long time Trekki i even liked Enterprise accept Season 3 that was made with more Pwe Pew because of the Ratings and for the US Viewer who are as dump as Hell.

    Now we have a TV Show thats called Star Trek but is not Star Trek there so much you need to forget from all other Shows and Movies. I dont like Orville but its a lot more Fun to watch.
  • So what's up with STAMETS ?

    this whole episode would have been shit if it wasn't for the breakout scene and the weird mirror effect at the end. What do you think is going on with Stamets ?
  • Star Trek Discovery

    I think Star Trek discovery brings home a picture of our society today. I see The peaceful Federation as peaceful America and the Klingons as Muslims, killing all those who belong to the Federation and those who are not Klingons.

    Well done !

    It's time for the Federation to bring the Klingons to their knees, and kill enough of them until there isn't enough of them to fight. Then there will be peace.
  • Those poor scared Klingons

    I've provided many movies and series ratings, but I've never written a review, but after seeing the first four episodes of star trek discovery, I've desided to do it now, I've read many of the other reviews people have made and I've come to the conclusion, that most people either hate the series because it's too far from the real Star Trek, or they love it for just the same reason, but none of them really got any idea abouth what the series really is. :)

    I saw the first and second episode, I did not actually love them, no people I really did care about, and the Klingons was completely wrong, but I decided to give the series a chance, so i watched the third episode too, the eposide was okay i belive, but there were still no people I was particularly into, and I could not really remember what the episode was about and what happened in it, when I started watching the fourth episode.

    Around 20 minutes into the fourth episode I had enough, and I was ready to stop watching the series, a series with some klingons, who all the time seems to be almost scared to death, and look like they all are close to crying, but suddenly something happened and I saw the light :)

    A klingon that seemed to be terrified and very close to crying she

    (I belive it was a she, but I may have been mistaken)

    Anyway: She interrupted another real scared klingon, and a klingon who looked almost not scared, she did it to stop a chick fight/cat fight, and she even came with a quick remark,

    (it all did happened in a kind of slowmorion, that's the speed most things in the series now seem to be running in, if not everything is completely stopped, I have never seen so quiet and cultivated klingons, and they almost never raise there voices above silent whisper)

    Well, anyway the female klingons?

    (it's hard to find out who's among them)

    quick remark i belive was something abouth that the thing she had in her hands was ready, and after the remark she gave the thing to the not so afraid klingon.

    Then it came what had to be my revelation, the female? klingon, she/he? walked calmly over to some food, and took something that looked like a chicken leg, took a cautious bite, came with a sound that sounded almost like a dog puppy trying to growl, and then I suddenly could see the fun in the series, and I have now found out that although it's not a good Star Trek Series, it's going to be a pretty damn good parody.

    Im now looking forward to the next episode to see what the not so fearless klingons is doing of new funny stuff.

    Seth MacFarlane: Forget your so-called parody The Orville, (not funny) it does not reach near the funny hights Star Trek Discovery does. :)

  • Awful, just awful

    I have watched all 4 episodes and that was more than enough to know this is not Star Trek! They just tacked that name on it to draw people into this mess. I was so hoping for this to be good but, it is not. Most of the crew on the Discovery I can not stand. If anyone has paid attention, the captain is crazy. He seems unbalanced and blood thirsty. He is hell bent on killing everyone of his crew to get what he wants. The prime directive has been tossed out the airlock on this show. None of my beloved captains would never think on torturing a poor creature just to further along his agenda. All through this episode 4 I was wanting that poor thing to break loose and destroy the Discovery. If the human race maintain little regard for other creatures then let the Klingons kill them don't even get me started on them. No this is not Star Trek in any form, it is just a awful, awful series. I know I will not be watching anymore of it. Like the others have said. I think the star trek fan base will shut this one down also..
  • Calling it Star Trek doesn't make it Star Trek (My Review of Episode 3 fits better here)

    STAR TREK DISCOVERY isn't Trek and I'm about to give it up. Sure there are those who will call me a detractor complaining that this show doesn't feel like Trek, refusing to take this show on its own merits. Fair enough, but if the creators wanted this show taken on its own merits, why did they call it STAR TREK Discovery?

    Why create a Star Trek Series at all? Why, for example, not call it THE ORVILLE, a series that stands on its own, but was obviously inspired by a love for everything Trek? Why, for example, not call it, GALAXY QUEST, a movie and possible TV series also inspired by Trek? Or firefly, a space series that tried to have as little to do as possible to Trek?

    The producers could have created this very space drama, removed all the Trek names and trappings they used, and named it something else, which meant they had the guts to let it stand on its own merit.

    So why did they name it Star Trek? More on the why later.

    But if you are going to produce a series and call it STAR TREK SOMETHING-OR-OTHER, then the expectation is that you preserve what was worthy of the Trek universe.

    STAR TREK DISCOVERY doesn't preserve anything worthy about the Trek series and culture, it doesn't preserve certain sentiments and attitudes about social order that Gene Roddenburry brought to TV back in the 60s and carried on to later series:

    Though set in the future, Trek was relevant in that it was political. Nothing relevant here;

    Respect for different cultures;

    Humans are extremely moral;

    Philosophy of life;

    Questions of integrity that they ask themselves;


    DISCOVERY doesn't carry the value of Trek. There is none of the beauty of humanity transcending into something kinder, and more intelligent than humanity before it. The series doesn't present a future that is positive, where humanity is continually reaching for its better self.

    This is what Trek was known for: to look forward to a more positive future; the future is positive was the message. In DISCOVERY the future of humanity is abysmal. When the captain belittles a subordinate for not being so smart, to pick a minor example, no captain in any Trek series before this would have done such a thing.

    In the Trek ethos, humanity as represented by Star Fleet and its captains, were always questioning whether their actions are going to possibly have negative consequences on another culture, another race. Here, there is no regards at all towards that. The captains face no moral dilemmas, and portray no moral qualms or concerns. Arrogance and conniving and hidden agendas and secrecy are the order of the day.

    If we look at military and partly-military shows set in present day, like:

    SEAL TEAM, THE BRAVE, TAKEN, all the NCISs, THE LAST SHIP, even the old THE UNIT. These series show military personnel who behave more moral, more respectfully, dutifully and humanely with one another than our Federation military personnel of the future. So what are you telling us, in the future, not only is humanity a possible lost cause, but our military is even worse than the ideals we see on television today.

    DISCOVERY ignores what Trek was premised on and what made it of value to watch. This version of a space drama could have been done with any other story and characters, and not change the Trek universe to do so. They could have left something that many people loved alone, replacing it with something people care a lot less about, and could have maybe come to love on its own merit.

    Or they could have done a Star Trek series right.

    So why did the producers name it Star Trek?

    To tap into a fan-base of multitudes, of course, in hopes of an instant (cowardly) success. But what these same producers have failed to grasp is that this multitude is demanding. They hate to be manipulated. This same fan-base turned away from STAR TREK ENTERPRISE in droves, causing the immediate death of the franchise on TV. I know of die hard Trek fans who to this day, refuse to acknowledge ENTERPRISE as part of Trek canon.

    By the way, the similarly demanding, die hard fan-base for Stargate, did pretty much the same thing, they turned away in droves from the most critically acclaimed (yet fan-despised) Stargate series, STARGATE UNIVERSE, causing the end of that franchise on TV.

    Producers how long can you expect Trek fans to be loyal to this series, a series that replaces human integrity with visual guttural firefights? Where the weapons have gotten bigger, and when characterisation fails, we can just watch them break out the assault riffles, and have a fire fight?

    This action oriented Trek-wonnabe series leaves a fond Trek fan empty. It tells us that Star Trek has sold out, and that the vision of Roddenbury has been pillaged and desecrated. That it is in fact a shallow hull of a franchise sort-of resembling something that we used to love.
  • This show has nothing to do with Star Trek only by name

    Is is it Star Trek series or the story of the life Michael Burnham

    I hate the tone and visualization of the world

    They did it again took an optimistic view of humanity

    and stuck all this dark bleach tone (just like Superman)

    Not to mention the serialization of the story.

    Star Trek was at it best when it had no serialization

    when you meet new aliens every episodes.

    The Klingons as the main antagonist really they only are the most stupid race in the galaxy

    the only thing the got going for them is the cloaking device

    They should take a note from Babylon 5 and create something as powerful as the Shadows

  • Has potential

    As a longtime Trekkie I really like this series and it has a lot of potential, I recommend watching episode 3 where the story picks up before casting your final judgment.
  • SJW meets the future (unfortunately)

    This could be a good show if the SJW writing wasn't so heavy handed. Apparently, males are complete dolts in the future and women are smarter and stronger and more logical than men of the future. The only men to make it to the 23rd century are the ones from infomercials who can't pour a soda or open a carton of milk without spilling everywhere.

    The ethnically diverse women of the future are our only hope. I'm sure there will be a parade of aliens with gender neutral pronoun demands. We already got a hint of male one male relationships and as they push for emmys I'm sure we'll see a lot more like gender relationships.

    I think it COULD be a very good show if they just slap the bejesus out of the SJW freaks and just let it be a show and not a soap box. Janeway was a female captain and a pretty good fit - no problem. Cisco was black, no problem although his acting was just like everyone else on that show (a little too cartoonish). Just don't rub our noses in it and make everyone who isn't ethnically diverse/minority/homosexual either evil or stupid. I have no problem with women officers, black officers etc. etc. just stop shouting that they are better because of these things - people should just be people in the future, no need to glorify one gender or race and ridicule another.

    Lastly WTF is wrong with the federation - they are evil Nazis in the future. The Klingons just want to remain with their own culture in their own space. For some reason the Federation feels a need to say we learned nothing from the Prime Directive about minding our own damn business and we'll just infiltrate any other culture that is technologically advanced and insist on projecting our values on them. Pretty sure T'Pol admonished Trip way back before the Federation existing for doing exactly that. Too bad in the future SJWs are just as big of a nuisance as they are now.

    Lastly, - please show the math - I see mostly 3s and 1s and somehow this has an average score of 7.2
  • mostly awful - trying to reboot something that shouldnt be rebooted

    I'll start with something positive and thats the visuals which are very good - you can see they've spent a lot of money making it look good

    however overall I really didnt like it at all - the one obvious glaring issue is the new look & sound of the klingons - almost completely redesigning the klingon species within a 'known' universe just isnt acceptable - in particular the new way they sound is really grating to the ears - also the complete lack of a neck & buldging penis nose bridge just looks plain weird

    the worst thing though was the script & dialogue which was absolutely atrocious - they need to sack the writers & bring in some new ones who can actually write a decent script & dialogue - they overall concept of the start of a kilingon federation war was a good idea but the execution in terms of the script was terrible

    also pretty sure the current writers are all liberal snowflake types - for exapmple the dialogue given to the 'bad' klingons such as talking about wanting to keep their 'racial purity & not accepting 'diversity' - also have a black female 2nd i command called 'micheal' - dont get me wrong i loved Kathryn Janeway in Voyager but thats the way a female captain should be done ie you dont even think about the fact thats shes female because its completely irrelevant - shes a good leader, thats all that matters, end of story - discovery has been written so that the politics is in your face ie Im blantently making a political statement about how liberal and progressive we all - ffs this is a sci fi show not a platform to air a political agenda

    being generous & giving it 3 out of 10 stars

  • Amateur quality and klingons that looks like orcs. Canceled within a year.

    Things that I liked: The name - Star Trek.

    Things that I didn't like: The characters, the space battle, the starship weapons, the story.

    Things that I hate: The new fake version of klingons and everything about them. They look like orcs from the Lords of the Rings. The intro is awful sound and video.
  • Three issues: Bait & Switch and story line forced and looks to be a take off of "In Harms

    Revision: After thinking about it, IMHO, after watching the first two episode CBS did a Bait & Switch on viewers paying for CBS All Access. On "The View" and Twitter it sounded like the series would be about women in command positions, such as a woman Captain and her female First Officers. This sounded great to me. Why? I have a daughter and given how America rejected the first female President of the USA. Anyway, episode 3 previews show a new ship and male Captain. Bait and Switch.

    The graphics are great! Federation / Klingon war is an outstanding idea! The implementation, though . .


    A Federation - Klingon war is an OUTSTANDING story line, but the Commander didn't make the correct argument about diversity and accepting the ways of another race / culture. Her response to the situation of "the ends justifies the means" is not logical for a Star Fleet officer. The writers forced this situation upon the Commander and it is making the series look bad!


    Yes, there will be excitement, but there are major design flaws in the main character. I am not saying personality flaw, but design flaws.


    After watching the first two episode, this series looks to be an expanded version of "In Harms Way" with a woman taking "The Duke's" role, which is fine. OK, "In Harm's Way," "The Duke" didn't got to court marshal, as the Commander did in this series. There are differences, but the outcome of her (over time) getting a command and maybe even stars seems to be logical outcome after all she is the main character.


    What I don't understand, at all, is why no one considered her action in context. Clearly Star Fleet knows one has to accept the diversity of each civilization and can't make them conform to the Federation. If a race considers a slap to be a hand shake, then one needs to slap the person from said race. Is this version of the Federation so backwards, as to not understand diversity of culture?


    Additional forced examples, the Caption must have restored her to responsibilities to take her on an away mission. Yet, she's still at court marshal.


    Finally: Only two officers board the Klingon ship!? NO WAY! Any Star Fleet Captain would take a full boarding party! Again forced!


    Things don't make sense and are being made to conform simply to meet the writers / creators needs and/or expectation. Gene Roddenberry insured things made sense by neither biting off too much to chew nor ignoring the facts he created.


    Stop ignoring the facts, but its too late for that, obviously.


    This could have been a wonderful series, but now it will be the series that's just exciting and not logical.

  • This is not star trek

    This is an awful attempt to bring back the franchise and it fails miserably. They should have given it another title because it's not star trek. They were trying to be different, they just ended up making this show look bad. I will completely ignore this show, as far as I'm concerned, this show doesn't exist in my universe.
  • Don't Hate

    I bought CBS all access just to watch Discovery. As a huge Star Trek fan, I did have some pretty big expectations, but unlike many people, I though the show lived up to them. Now, there were a few things that annoyed me, especially during the big battle scene (phasers look better in beams, not bursts), but that's expected. Very few shows have good pilots. If you've ever seen the original pilot for the original series, you get what I mean. Even in some of the most heralded shows in TV history, the first season is spotty and not the best. Look at the office! It's regarded as one of the greatest comedies of all time, yet many people can't stand the first season. If the two premier episodes were in a later season, I wouldn't be so generous, but remember, the writers are trying to re-spark one of the oldest TV franchises in history: no small task. But anyways, I felt that the show had good characters. I don't say great because they take time to build, but the ones who survive have potential. I feel that Discovery is more in tune with what made Star Trek so great compared to the newer movies, which is a relief. However, it does provide a unique emotional experience. Star Trek has always sort of struggled with making deeply emotional connections, especially early off. Take for example Captain Georgiou. Although she was still very new, and not extremely developed, I was shocked when I saw her die, especially when Michael tried to get her body. Obviously, that wasn't as emotional as when you saw Locutus of Borg on the screen for the first time, but still. Compare it to the Death of Tasha Yar. As much as I loved her, they did her death wrong. She had I believe 24 episodes to grow, but the connection wasn't there. I give props to the writers for creating such a strong bond so early. It is indisputable that this show has potential. Everyone who is trashing Discovery, give it a rest. They're trying to re inspire a generation and make more people passionate about Star Trek. That's a noble cause. After a season or two, then we can judge its merits. Till then, we can only wait.
  • Lousy

    As I thought, heavy on fancy FX, but otherwise absolute crap. Klingons, ALL Klingons, look nothing like TOS or TNG Klingons. CBS thinks they can randomly completely change the appearance of a well-documented species and we, who have watched and loved Trek since 1968, will just say, ok, no problem. BULLSHIT!

    Then there's the darkness of the ship/bridge. It looks like a military ship, not one of exploration (see Yesterday's Enterprise from TNG). Even the court martial at the end, why are the judges hidden? Are they afraid to be seen? Makes no sense. It is all made to look military and dictatorial, yet the Federation is anything but that. Based on how they made it look, the Klingons were right about coming in peace being a lie. Discovery looks like the Mirror Universe, NOT like the TOS/TNG universe.

    This show was boring as hell. The opening episode of Orville was so much better, and is getting better quickly. Seth Macfarlane is doimg a great job emulating the ideas/concepts of Star Trek. CBS is not. Roddenberry would not be behind Discovery, he would be behind Orville.

    CBS has managed to totally destroy Gene's vision of the future.

    I hate this show, I will not watch this show, I will ignore this show. It is garbage. Period.

    I was hoping with all hope this would have been good but it just wasn't. I tried hard to like it but man it is hands down the worst Star Trek series by a mile bar none. It was way to dark and the writing was sub standard for a show that was delayed for so long, what on earth were you doing in the writing room? I would think you would have realized after Enterprise went darker and didn't do well lasting only 4 seasons you would be OK let's not do that again. But no, who in their right mind said let's go even darker and away from how the fans like Star Trek. Whoever thought that get rid of them fast. This is not what fans wanted, we want a lighter more TNG style with interesting stories like DS9. Gene is rolling in his grave right now. I will only be watching The Orville this year and won't be watching this let down. Please listen to the fans that have seen every movie in the theaters since Star Trek The Motion Picture and every series that ever was. We keep the series going by buying the vhs and dvds when they came out, not fly by night viewers you might be trying to target with this stuff. Truth be told I couldn't see anyone really liking this anywhich way. The Orville gets 9-10 Discovery gets 1. Looks like no good Star Trek series for at least another 10 years.
  • Wow.....

    Wow Orville is more ST than ST:D , i cannot believe that Orville is much more ST, its best ST since DS9 and its almost as good as ST:TOS i am speaking about Orville not Discovery ! If you haven't watched it than watch and compare Orville to Discovery !