Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2002 on UPN

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  • It is hard to see a legacy go down

    This episode is wrong on many levels. First of all, it basically ignores other SPSS lines, and then it is a lousy remake of a much better episode called Starship mine.

    The probleem is that the Ferengi was introduced as a new race in the Next generation in the episode the last outpost, where Data recites that the are known to be paralel to the \'yankee traders\' of old. This episode throws all that in the wind. there were a few other options to get a similar storyline,however, to use the Ferengi here was just plain wrong. The episode is below par on several levels. The dialoges, the overall shooting. all this just airs the thought \"e are running out of idea\'s\" And at the end of seasn ONE that is not a good approach to have.
  • Same old Same old Ferengi

    Not the best of episodes but very funny. Especially the scene where Krem says what species is she referring to T'Pol and Archer says "Shes a Vulcan. They're not that interesting. She has no sense of humuor and she is always complaining. " Not my choice of episodes but it is well written and for Ferengi fans it is worth watching. Many people say they break continuity and create a plot hole. Technically no. Archer and crew never find out their names. So they could never put that into the history database. And secondly when Picard first encounter them they already know who they are by name and by their ship but haven't seen them yet. So no way to tell if these were the same aliens that Archer encountered since their names weren't known to Archer. I know its far-fetched. Even so mildly entertaining.
  • Ferengi have incapacitated the crew of Enterprise, with the exception of Trip who was in decon. Trip must come up with a plan to overcome these invaders.

    Ok, ok, I was not real pleased when I first saw this episode as the Ferengi were supposed to be a new species that were only coming into contact with the Federation in the era of the Enterprise-D. The name Ferengi is never mentioned and I assume that is how Braga and Berman get around the issue. But aside from the possible conflicts with canon I really enjoyed the episode.

    First a great guest cast was brought on as Ferengi including: Ethan Phillips, who played Neelix on Voyager; Jeffrey Combs, Brunt and Weyoun on DS9; and Clint Howard, who had appeared in the original series. These brought the episode to life and made the episode fun to watch. Only three regular cast members play a key role in this episode: Archer, Trip, and T'Pol. The others if you see them at all lay there unconscious, therefore the guest stars get to take mainstage during most of the episode. One of the most enjoyable parts is seeing Archer insult T'Pol when she is supposed to be unconscious and later having her hold it over the Captain when he is handcuffed.

    Good solid episode.
  • great episode

    An old trek alien makes an appearance. Excellent episode. The enterprise gets gassed by the ferengi who infiltrates the starship to look for their treasure. Fortunately, Tucker is in a part of the enterprise that's completely isolated from the atmospherics of most of the ship. It's a really interesting episode. The ferengi always bring comedy to the trek universe. This episode is particularly funny when the ferengi go into disagreement with one another. Tucker and T'Pol work together to free their ship from the space pirates. It's a good episode, it's a really entertaining story, worth watching from beginning to end.