Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on UPN

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  • Doesn't make sense.

    This episode is yet another fine example of how Enterprise had a great opportunity and screwed it up. This episode could have provided great insight into a long time established but poorly developed species, The Orions. The Orions were seen in the Star Trek TOS original pilot "The Cage" and were mentioned in almost every trek series since but were never really developed. The this episode comes along, a perfect opportunity to take something very old in the series and give it some life. But instead they created a very improbable situation. It had already been established that the Orion women were all slaves and that the Orions as a people are, or were, primarily slave traders. However this episode shows that the Orion females actually have this amazing power to control any men they are near. It doesn't make any sense that a group of people wouls "voluntarily" take such a subserviant position as enslavement. It would seem far more likely that they would not only become the enslavers themselves but would successfully be out conquering nearby races such as the Klingons, Andorians, or maybe even the Vulcans given the extent of thier powers. So to some it all up this episode is completly incongruant with the established Trek universe. Maybe the writers should have tried watching Star Trek before accepting the job.
  • The initial premise seems like it will be an awkward 43 minutes, but it turns out better then expected. It still is a stranger episode.

    You all know what it feels like, the dialogue and the acting and the scenario all fall through and you want to change the channel, or fast forward with Tivo or DVR. I like to call it the 'Cringe Factor.' That is what I felt when I read the premise of this episode. I got an image of all the men swooning over the Orion women and behaving like high schoolers fighting over girlfriends. Suffice it to say, there was hardly any scent of 'cringe factors' in this episode. That doesn't mean it was great, but at least watchable.

    The Orions so far have kept to what their mythos have established, which is more or less the gangsters of space, along with being into heavy slave trading. Their appearance in 'Borderland' was interesting, setting up a cold relationship between Humans and Orions. Not quite enemies, but certainly not friendly. The events of Borderland are referred and Archer is clearly hesitant to trust the Orion captain. But like the best starfleet captains, he sees an opportunity to improve relationships by accepting a dinner with the captain. This is where the Orion Slave Women come in as entertainment and sets up the story in general.
    Most of the episode is a long setup showing the slave girls getting more and more influence over the male crew, and interestingly enough the women are getting headaches as a defense mechanism. Only T'Pol and Trip are kept safe because of their strange mind link. This is really one of the best parts subplots and can be used in place of the primary story. Joleane Blalock does a good job of presenting an emotionless Vulcan finding herself attracted to a human, and the passionate moments are sidenotes of emotion.

    One scene that works rather well is Mayweathers talk with Reed in the gym. Mayweather as a character has much unused potential as being extremely experienced. Anthony Montgomery's acting has been spotty at times, but he makes good use of that scene. The eventual peculiar disruption of the crew behavior comes well, playing it a breaking point of anger.

    But as a whole the episode doesn't seem to have a point. There is little drama in the real plans of the Orions, and their cultural revelation just makes sense instead of being a surprise. All it has is a series of respectable scenes, no serious 'cringe factors' and a continuation of Trip and T'Pols relationship.
  • When capt. Archer negotiates with an orion captain, he receives three orion slave girls as a gift. Since the earth government banned slavery decades ago, he explaines them that they are free. Not aware of the secret agenda, the male crew falls in l

    Well, I must admit that this episode has some loopholes, for example the fact, that all the males are drawn to the females, but noone gets the idea to use female MACOs, since they're not effected.
    But besides some goofs this is a real cool and atmospheric episode. It feels very much like a classic Star Trek episode, and that's something we look for since the beginning of Enterprise.
    Yes, I like this episode and it's definetely one of the highlights of season 4.
  • "Revealing" but not in plot or characterization.

    This episode should have been titled something cheesier like "Weapons of Mass Seduction" or "When She-Hulks Attack!"

    Not a bad episode, but kinda out of the norm... I did like more information about the Orions in this episode... I was hoping that during the series run, they would expand on them like they did with the Andoreans (both were in TOS and rarely, if ever in the other treks)

    I did like when T'Pal and Tucker shot Malcolm, Travis and Cap'n Quantum Leap... I mean Travis is like this Trek's Wesley Crusher or Harry Kim... therefore he grates on my nerves... and Reid is so whiny I just want to punch him half the time he's on screen... But I do Like Archer, T'Pal, Tucker and Phlox out of the crew... so when Trip opens fire on the bridge crew, I laughed like crazy!