Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2003 on UPN

Episode Recap

A seemingly friendly Tellarite named Skalaar abducts Archer and disables Enterprise. Skalaar plans to rendezvous with Captain Goroth, a Klingon, to claim a large bounty on Archer (for having escaped from Rura Penthe in "Judgment"). Enterprise is repaired without too much delay, and starts tracking the Tellarite ship. On that ship, Archer protests that he's innocent, but Skalaar will have none of it. However, when a rival bounty hunter attacks Skalaar, the Tellarite agrees to let Archer take the helm so that they can end up victorious. Both ships end up damaged and have to land on a planet for repairs. Archer further sabotages the engines, but Skalaar manages to get his ship to limp to a repair facility where his estranged brother grudgingly gives him a needed part and some bad news -- the freighter Skalaar had planned to buy back with his bounty has long been stripped by the Klingons. Skalaar then helps Archer with a risky plan. Archer will be given to the Klingons, which lets Skalaar off the hook, but with knowledge of the Klingon ship's layout and a "lock pick." Archer escapes from the Klingon ship in an escape pod as Enterprise arrives in the nick of time, phase cannon blazing, to rescue the captain. Meanwhile, Phlox confines T'Pol in decon as she's picked up a microbe that triggers her Pon Farr. Phlox tries treating her while also deflecting her very insistent amorous advances. When she's finally cured, she has some gaps in her memory, but Phlox is nothing if not discrete.
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