Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 1

Broken Bow (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2001 on UPN
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After decades of being held back from deep space exploration by the Vulcans, Captain Jonathan Archer takes command of the NX-01 Enterprise—Earth's first warp five starship.

Enterprise's mission is to return an injured Klingon, the first the human race has ever encountered, to his people. However, when a villainous race of aliens called the Suliban kidnap the Klingon, Archer and his crew must make an unexpected detour to Rigel X to retrieve their alien cargo and stave of an interstellar crisis.


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  • A great start

    My wife and I started watching Enterprise during its last season and enjoyed it so I picked up the complete set off of eBay and we started in last night. We've watched all the newer series previously just finishing up Voyager. Well from my perspective I would say Enterprise started off quite nicely. I enjoyed the "older" technology in the Enterprise and the submarinish atmosphere of the ship. Actually that makes more sense to me than the exotic lounge type bridge of TNG. The characters developed well for a two hour beginning show and the interaction between characters started off nicely. If the series maintains this quality through season 1 we should enjoy it greatly. And for myself T'Pol beats 7 hands down! LOLmoreless
  • This pivotal pilot begins a transitional era in Earth's history.

    With the launch of NX-01 U.S.S. Enterprise the Star Trek creators begin showing the transitional Earth era from being relient to the leading world in our galaxy, as shown by the Federation time travelers.

    The words of this Star Trek series set the tone for this episode and for the entire series.

    An outstanding beginning to an outstanding series.
  • Humans are finally allowed to venture out into space on their own, without the hand holding of the vulcans, to explore space and meet new civilizations, thanks mainly to the crew of Capt Archer.moreless

    Its been nearly 100 years since Cochrane made his visionary warp flight in space and first contact with the vulvans were established. Since when they have babysat the human race, slowly guiding them, some believe alot slower than was necessary and is pointed out frequently.

    Capt Archer and his crew set out in the revolutionary new starship, that is capable of warp 5, and they are asked to achieve their first mission by escorting a crashed klingon back to its home world alive. He is happy to do this, but has reservations regarding of having a vulcan science officer as part of his crew.

    The unconscious klingon, being looked after by Dr Phlox, regains consciousness and Hoshi tries to talk to him, at this point the ship is attacked and the Klingon kidnapped by Suliban, as we find out later.

    Archer is advised to return to earth, but as he doesnt want to go back with egg on his face, he learns from T'Pol that the Klingons previous stop prior to earth was Rigel X, where they discover an abundant mixture of alien life, they find their contact, have to fight off the bad guys prior to returning to their ship, although Archer is rendered unconscious in a fire-fight, after learning that the Suliban are one party in a Temporal Cold War, that the Klingon Empire is being manipulated and the Klingon Klaang has proof of this.

    With the help of T'pol and the crew, the mission of near impossible stature is undertaken, they have to retrieve the klingon from the suliban stronghold and save the day, its a 2 parter, so will they manage to be successful.moreless
  • The First Captain, The first Crew, The First Mission. Captain Archer and his crew has to take a Klingon to his home world before the Suliban get him! Will they get him home in time?moreless

    I really enjoy watching Star Trek: Enterprise. The show had a great cast and a good storyline. I like how they did this episode where Vulcans hold humans back from space traveling for 100 years. And you can tell that Archer and Soval don't like each other. And the Captain and his crew wern't trill to have T'Pol on their ship. But later they like her after she help out at the end of Part 2. The show had a cast, I like all the action and I like the Specail effect in this episode. This show is really worth watching.moreless
  • excellent

    Earth is finally going to get a chance to explore space with the development of the warp engine. Vulcans withheld this technology from the humans for decades, but now the humans have achieved a technological leap and they use this to go out into the far reaches of space to explore new planets and civilizations. Just as soon they head out into space, they get into trouble with a race called the Suliban. The Klingons get into the picture right away. The first starship to head out into space becomes entangled in an instellar conflict between the suliban and the klingons. It's an excellent premiere episode.moreless
Jason Grant Smith

Jason Grant Smith

Crewman Fletcher

Guest Star

Mark Moses

Mark Moses

Henry Archer

Guest Star

Thomas Kopache

Thomas Kopache


Guest Star

John Fleck

John Fleck


Recurring Role

Vaughn Armstrong

Vaughn Armstrong

Admiral Forrest

Recurring Role

Gary Graham

Gary Graham

Ambassador Soval

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Archer: (to Soval) When your logic doesn't work, you raise your voice? You've been on Earth too long.

    • Young Jonathan: (Young Jonathan is painting a model ship.) Where no man has gone before.
      Henry Archer: Dr. Cochrane would be proud of you.
      Young Jonathan: I know the whole speech by heart. When is it going to be ready to fly?
      Henry Archer
      : Let the paint dry first.
      Young Jonathan: No. I mean your ship.
      Henry Archer: Not for a while. It's not even built yet. You know that.
      Young Jonathan: How big will it be?
      Henry Archer: Pretty Big.
      Young Jonathan: Bigger than Ambassador Pointie's ship?
      Henry Archer: His name is Soval, and he's been very helpful. And I told you not to call him that, Jonathan.
      Young Jonathan: Well, Billy Cook said we'd be flying at warp 5 by now if the Vulcans hadn't kept things from us.
      Henry Archer: Well, they have their reasons. God knows what they are.

    • Archer: We've been deferring to their judgement for 100 years.
      Admiral Forrest: Jon…
      Archer: How much longer?
      T'Pol: Until you've proven you're ready.
      Archer: Ready to what?
      T'Pol: To look beyond your provincial attitude and your volatile nature.
      Archer: Volatile? You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself from knocking you on your ass.

    • Archer: Admiral!
      Admiral Forrest: Jon, I think you know everyone.
      Archer: Not everyone.
      Admiral Leonard: It's a "Klingot".
      Tos: A "Klingon".
      Archer: Where did he come from?
      Williams: Oklahoma.

    • Dr. Zefram Cochrane: (recorded speech) On this site, a powerful engine will be built. An engine that will someday help us to travel a hundred times faster than we can today. Imagine it, thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips! And we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. This engine will let us go boldly where no man has gone before.

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