Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 1

Broken Bow (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2001 on UPN

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  • Humans are finally allowed to venture out into space on their own, without the hand holding of the vulcans, to explore space and meet new civilizations, thanks mainly to the crew of Capt Archer.

    Its been nearly 100 years since Cochrane made his visionary warp flight in space and first contact with the vulvans were established. Since when they have babysat the human race, slowly guiding them, some believe alot slower than was necessary and is pointed out frequently.

    Capt Archer and his crew set out in the revolutionary new starship, that is capable of warp 5, and they are asked to achieve their first mission by escorting a crashed klingon back to its home world alive. He is happy to do this, but has reservations regarding of having a vulcan science officer as part of his crew.
    The unconscious klingon, being looked after by Dr Phlox, regains consciousness and Hoshi tries to talk to him, at this point the ship is attacked and the Klingon kidnapped by Suliban, as we find out later.

    Archer is advised to return to earth, but as he doesnt want to go back with egg on his face, he learns from T'Pol that the Klingons previous stop prior to earth was Rigel X, where they discover an abundant mixture of alien life, they find their contact, have to fight off the bad guys prior to returning to their ship, although Archer is rendered unconscious in a fire-fight, after learning that the Suliban are one party in a Temporal Cold War, that the Klingon Empire is being manipulated and the Klingon Klaang has proof of this.

    With the help of T'pol and the crew, the mission of near impossible stature is undertaken, they have to retrieve the klingon from the suliban stronghold and save the day, its a 2 parter, so will they manage to be successful.