Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2003 on UPN

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  • Simple plot, action-packed, great ending

    A pure storyline forms the plot for this excellent episode. Essentially, the arrest(read abduction) of Archer and Trip sees them being transported to a never seen prison colony called Canamar. A place as terrible as the Klingon facility that Archer recently escaped frm.

    The mystery of Archer and Trip's whereabouts quickly changes as the prison transit ship they are on is taken over by the some of the convicts in a bid for freedom. The plot dynamic turns to one of Unwilling Hostages, just as the guards are informed that Archer and Trip are to be released, as they arent criminals.

    Once the criminals take over the plot takes on the form of The Chase, as Enterprise and the Enolians try to locate and intercept the ship. Meanwhile, Trip and Archer must make the best of a bad situation, in Trip's case, the prisoner buddy from hell. Imagine not being able to get a word in edgewise. Some vgood lighthearted scenes there that builds up Trip's aggitation. As you will expect the majority of the middle act sees Archer trying to build the trust between him and the lead escapee, while trying to restrict the number of casualties felled and planning a way to overpower his new overseers.

    Though the real plot stakes aren't very high, being localised to the captain, Trip, guards and prisoners, the story is quite engaging. The dynamic between Archer and Kuroda (Mark Rolston)is the glue that holds this episode together, providing the perfect platform for story to develop. Action and intrigue are both present in comparable doses, allowing our adreneline to rise and fall in a balanced way, along with the unfolding drama.

    Add to this, some good zippy dialogue that doesnt detract from the drama and slow the action down to much.

    Which is just as well, as most of the screenplay is performed with the cramped transit ship between two locations, and so everything other than the sets were required to be of top order stuff to make this episode as good as I found it to be.

    An excellent ending which really takes the drama down to the wire, takes my score from a high 8 to a near 10 in the grand scale of ST:E shows.

    Don't overlook this one.