Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 2

Carbon Creek

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2002 on UPN

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  • Possibly the best episode of this entire series. It tells the story of The Vulcan's first contact with Earth in the 1950's.

    I've been holding off on doing an Enterprise review because I really wanted to give this show a chance.

    I'm a die hard Trek fan. I can remember seeing TOS first run episodes when I was about 5 years old. Enterprise has been the most difficult of the Trek sagas for me to digest. I ignored it completely during it's first run on UPN but I've started watching them on Sci Fi Channel now - because I really miss a Trek series.

    This is my absolute favorite episode hands down. It tells the story of a Vulcan ship that crashed in Semi Rural Pennsylvania during the 1950's. The story is fascinating in many ways, perhaps the most being the thought that some sentient beings have actually been here without us knowing or "some" of us not knowing.

    The Vulcans run out of rations and in order to survive they find they have no choice but to interact with humans so they will not starve to death. The interactions that come about from this are really well written and acted out. The introduction of velcro is really a clever twist and although the writers have taken the liberties of changing facts a bit, this is a fiction piece and these parts make the story work.

    A great episode. Glad I finally gave Enterprise a shot. It will never in my opinion live up to TNG or TOS even but I'm glad I finally opened my mind up enough to appreciate this episode.
  • Stunningly well told tale

    Wow. Please more episodes like this. This episode provided a great sense of a wonderful story. Told with unparalleled narration throughout this show. Theres something about T'Pal's voice that has a very seductive charm about it. Her brief narrative voice overs will have you spell bound.

    Even though its was based in the past with Balock playing TPals own mother, it was a great diversion and such a superior filler episode that it stands on its own.

    The plot is a basic alien travellers crash land on Earth in the past and must survive w/o affecting the timeline. Though its been done before many atime throughout each ST show, its actually one of, if not the best example of this type.

    So much happens. Lots of action scenes throughout. Some drama where they are about to be found out or must avoid doing so. Some good scenes showing up the aliens view of how world and how they adjust. The best though was the Vulcan logical view of that particular time and their eventual acceptance into the community. I doubt if they did one based on this date they would be able to sit in an apartment and not get noticed or bothered by anyone unless it was to be conned, robbed or some other crime - ok that was a little to cynical.

    Perhaps the best element of this story was how even though the logical aliens avoided as much contact as possible, each of the three still changed the timeline by commit one real good act each.

    I was surprised at just how good this episode was. A vgood act 1, actually got me thinkig that it descend into another run of the mill episode - but it didnt. It just got better and better!

    Do not miss - cant recommend it enough!
  • First Vulcan sighting on earth...

    Archer and Trip celebrate Tpol's one year anniversary as the ship's science officer and she tells them that the first Vulcan sighting on earth was earlier than recorded as her great grandmother and three others crashed landed on earth when their ship malfunctioned. One of them was killed and the other three were forced to assimilate with Earth people in order to survive. Good character study in this episode as one of the Vulcans actually gets briefly intimate with one of the women they come in contact with and eventually he decides to stay behind when they learn their distress call (made before the crash) was received and help arrived. They cover up their collegue's decision by claiming he was also killed in the crash.
  • Celebrating T'Pol's first anniversary of having joined the crew, she shares a story that is charmingly ambiguous. Her Great-great grandmother was among the first Vulcans to visit Earth -- in 1957, in an obscure Pennsylvania town.

    I've always ignored the "rate this episode" game, since the question of taste is so personal as to be meaningless in the quantitative game. My 10 is another's 2 and we are both absolutely right.

    I have been a Star Trek fan most of my life, but the STE series started off badly for me. I don't recall the first episode (it must have been memorable), but I recall episode 10 (Fortunate Son) vividly, where political correctness was handled so badly and heavy-handedly that I turned off the episode before it concluded; never watched the rest of the series until many years after the series was gone.

    My loss. I might have never seen this episode, which is beyond question my favorite of the series, which I saw by accident only last year. I have viewed it many times since, and am still not sure why it resonates so well with me. I have always enjoyed time travel variants, with advanced cultures mingling with relatively primitive ones. This one was done superbly: the character development, the editing, the twists in the story and, of course, my favorite final scene, just before the closing credits. Thought-provoking to the extreme.

    This episode is a classic among Star Trek classics for me, and the only reason why I finally have decided to obtain the entire series and finally give the other STE episodes a belated try. There may be other wheat among the PC chaff...
  • T'Pol recounts the first contact that Vulcans have with humans back in the 1950's. Due to engine problems a Vulcan survey vessel is forced to crash land outside of Carbon Creek, PA.

    This is a classic episode and explores the Vulcans first contact with humans. The interactions and dissent within Vulcan ranks is explored. Especially Mestral's desire to know more about and explore the Earth. From watching TV, inparticular I Love Lucy and westerns, to interactions with the people he is very curious.

    Also it was nice to see T'Mir sell the idea for velcro to help Jack make it to college. Some might look at this as emotional, but I think it was simply practical. Payback for the help he and his mother, Maggie, provided to the shipwrecked Vulcans.

    This is one of the best episodes because the story is told so well.
  • Carbon Creek was well written. Good Science Fiction at its best. I put it up there with episodes like Inner Light and First Contact from STNG.

    This was just well written Science Fiction. Not all Scifi needs lasers and explosions, sometimes a simple story is enough to entertain. I will say this, Jolene Blalock is a very good looking woman. The scene with her behind the sheet was very aluring. But the episode was well done.
  • A cool episode.

    One of the nice things about Star Trek is that period piece stories can be interjected in each season, this gives the show the ability to play around with the future past idea. It's a very interesting way of playing around with the genre. In this episode, we ask the question what aliens would do if they interacted with the people before the 21st century. That kind of story is so cool. The writers did a good job with this episode. I'm not sure if the accuracy of some trivial details during the past timeline, but the execution of the episode pays off well.
  • Favorite Episode of Enterprise

    This is my favorite episode of Enterprise, even though it only features a couple of the regulars. There is something about these simpler stories of human interaction that are so compelling. J. Paul Boehmer (Mestral) is so good in every Star Trek episode he's been in. As 'One' in Voyager he was amazing, this episode doesn't let him show his range, but even as an emotionless Vulcan, he portrays humor and empathy better than most actors are capable of.

    Jolene Blalock also gives a superb performance, I think it's her best episode. Both Scott Bakula and Connor Trinneer do a great job just in the few scenes they're in. Trip gives T'Pol an apology with just a glance when she considers stopping the story telling.

    I wish they would have done more stories like this one.