Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 2

Carbon Creek

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2002 on UPN

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  • Celebrating T'Pol's first anniversary of having joined the crew, she shares a story that is charmingly ambiguous. Her Great-great grandmother was among the first Vulcans to visit Earth -- in 1957, in an obscure Pennsylvania town.

    I've always ignored the "rate this episode" game, since the question of taste is so personal as to be meaningless in the quantitative game. My 10 is another's 2 and we are both absolutely right.

    I have been a Star Trek fan most of my life, but the STE series started off badly for me. I don't recall the first episode (it must have been memorable), but I recall episode 10 (Fortunate Son) vividly, where political correctness was handled so badly and heavy-handedly that I turned off the episode before it concluded; never watched the rest of the series until many years after the series was gone.

    My loss. I might have never seen this episode, which is beyond question my favorite of the series, which I saw by accident only last year. I have viewed it many times since, and am still not sure why it resonates so well with me. I have always enjoyed time travel variants, with advanced cultures mingling with relatively primitive ones. This one was done superbly: the character development, the editing, the twists in the story and, of course, my favorite final scene, just before the closing credits. Thought-provoking to the extreme.

    This episode is a classic among Star Trek classics for me, and the only reason why I finally have decided to obtain the entire series and finally give the other STE episodes a belated try. There may be other wheat among the PC chaff...