Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 2

Carbon Creek

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2002 on UPN

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  • First Vulcan sighting on earth...

    Archer and Trip celebrate Tpol's one year anniversary as the ship's science officer and she tells them that the first Vulcan sighting on earth was earlier than recorded as her great grandmother and three others crashed landed on earth when their ship malfunctioned. One of them was killed and the other three were forced to assimilate with Earth people in order to survive. Good character study in this episode as one of the Vulcans actually gets briefly intimate with one of the women they come in contact with and eventually he decides to stay behind when they learn their distress call (made before the crash) was received and help arrived. They cover up their collegue's decision by claiming he was also killed in the crash.