Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 2

Carbon Creek

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2002 on UPN

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  • Stunningly well told tale

    Wow. Please more episodes like this. This episode provided a great sense of a wonderful story. Told with unparalleled narration throughout this show. Theres something about T'Pal's voice that has a very seductive charm about it. Her brief narrative voice overs will have you spell bound.

    Even though its was based in the past with Balock playing TPals own mother, it was a great diversion and such a superior filler episode that it stands on its own.

    The plot is a basic alien travellers crash land on Earth in the past and must survive w/o affecting the timeline. Though its been done before many atime throughout each ST show, its actually one of, if not the best example of this type.

    So much happens. Lots of action scenes throughout. Some drama where they are about to be found out or must avoid doing so. Some good scenes showing up the aliens view of how world and how they adjust. The best though was the Vulcan logical view of that particular time and their eventual acceptance into the community. I doubt if they did one based on this date they would be able to sit in an apartment and not get noticed or bothered by anyone unless it was to be conned, robbed or some other crime - ok that was a little to cynical.

    Perhaps the best element of this story was how even though the logical aliens avoided as much contact as possible, each of the three still changed the timeline by commit one real good act each.

    I was surprised at just how good this episode was. A vgood act 1, actually got me thinkig that it descend into another run of the mill episode - but it didnt. It just got better and better!

    Do not miss - cant recommend it enough!