Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 15

Cease Fire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2003 on UPN

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  • As close a classic episode as possible

    The crux of this storyline is really about the relationship between the Vulcans, Humans and Andorians.

    The simple plot revolves around a disputed moon which has the Andorians and Vulcans fighting for ownership. As a last attempt to stop the Vulcans winning the battle, Shran the Andorian commander asked for parle as long as Archer chairs the talks. So sets up the platform for one of the best Enterprise episodes that doesnt have any space combat.

    It is the dynamic between the Vulcans who dont want the humans there, the Andorians who want the humans there and the humans who dont want to be there, that makes for a strong nexus of conflict and confrontation. It is this, that sources the many excellent scenes between the three parties and provides the non-stop excitement that makes this a such a brill episode.

    Take the Vulcans dislike of human interference, the Andorians internal disagreements and Archer's relunctance to be there and you will immediately know what to expect from this ST episode. Top if off with a rogue Andorian element that doesnt wish to see Archer succeed, superb battle scenery across excellent sets depicting destruction and ruin on the moon and you will instantly sit down to a classic episode.

    Dialogue is lean and provides the characters with edge needed to continue the situational dilemma that they are in, without having to fire their weapons constantly. While thankfully the writers are getting away from constantly having to show all of the main characters in a single episode. Something they have done for the last season and a half and hopefully wont feel the need to keep doing so.

    You should note that this episode is also one of the first times that SF was called upon to mediate a dispute, across its members to be and shows in part why Humanity is destned to lead the future Federation. Some of humanity traits being fair and impartiality.

    I wont spoil the ending except to ask this one question - will Archer persuade both parties to sign a truce or with the Andorian faction wanting to fight on and Vulcan reluctance stop this from happening? I guess you'll just have to watch.

    An excellent episode and one that should not be missed.