Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 3 Episode 12

Chosen Realm

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2004 on UPN
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Enterprise comes to the aid of the Triannon, a species that worships the Spheres and their Builders. Once aboard Enterprise, their leader D'Jamat commandeers the ship in order to fight a holy war, and wipe out the heretics on his homeworld.

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  • The entire episode alludes to our present day world situation. The Triannons, who take over Enterprise, fight other Triannons that they consider to be heretical, all because of different religious world views. America and its few allies fight an extreme fmoreless

    The entire episode alludes to our present day world situation. The Triannons, who take over Enterprise, fight other Triannons that they consider to be heretical, all because of different religious world views. America and its few allies fight an extreme form of Islam. Islamic extremists both deny the Holocaust and seek the destruction of the Jewish State that formed in the aftermath of the Holocaust. It is easy demonize these extremists, but they have valid points as well including the subjugation of the Palestinian people by the Jewish state. Many wars have been fought in the name of religion, but that does not make them just. There are Crusades by Christian Europe against Muslim Palestine. Islam teaches that Mohammad is the Prophet of Allah, and Christians hold to the orthodoxy of the Church. And then there is the similar history of the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Fortunately, there seems to be a permanent peace in Northern Ireland in the last decade or so. In the end, this episode reminds us what can happen if we don’t get along. Let us hope we learn to live with each other before it is too late.

    na: naAll of D'Jamat's followers have organic explosives in their bodies, making them all able to become a very potent bomb at will (or by order). This is obviously a cultural reference to the problems of suicide bombers of today. The reference goes further by having D'Jamat and his followers part of a holy war, most likely a reference to Islamic Jihad.moreless
  • Holy religous intolerance batman

    Enterprise encounters a damaged ship

    and rescues the inhabitants

    who stay on board while their systems are repaired

    After a warm a friendly first contact

    some of the leaders religous ideas start to cause friction

    The number of spheres

    their purpose

    the sphere builders intentions

    thats when archer gets hit with a whammy

    all the alien pilgrims on board

    have an organic explosive in thier blood

    which they can activate with their necklaces

    The aliens take over the ship and warp to thier home world to wipe out the non believers they are met by several heretic ships

    but they are no match for enterprise.

    Phlox and the crew conspire under the aliens noses

    to release an air borne agent to neutralise the living bombs

    and manage to retake the ship

    They drop thier prisoners of at the homeworld

    which has been completely devasted by their holy war

    As allgories go this one aint subtle

    The suicide bombers

    the refusal to allow other peoples point of view

    The single minded belief in their own superior morality

    All that said this episode was disturbing in a good way

    the central guest actor was fantastically creepy

    half zen priest and half murderous zealot

    Not alot to do with the arc of the season but goodmoreless
Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating

Lt. Malcolm Reed

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Dr. Phlox

Jolene Blalock

Jolene Blalock

Sub-Commander T'Pol

Connor Trinneer

Connor Trinneer

Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III

Linda Park

Linda Park

Ensign Hoshi Sato

Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

Ensign Travis Mayweather

Vince Grant

Vince Grant


Guest Star

Taylor Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan


Guest Star

Lindsey Stoddart

Lindsey Stoddart


Guest Star

Mark Correy

Mark Correy

Engineer Alex (uncredited)

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    • D'Jamat: I'm trying to save my people.
      Archer: Why do I have the feeling these heretics would say the same thing?
      D'Jamat: They might very well, but it doesn't change what they are. Enemies of the truth.
      Archer: Your truth.

    • Archer: We've also neutralized your organic explosives.
      D'Jamat: You're lying!
      Archer: Go ahead. Try to blow yourself up. I'll wait.

    • Archer: These people you're fighting, what makes them heretics?
      Yarrick: We believe the Makers created the Chosen Realm in nine days. They believe it took ten.
      Archer: For that you've been at war for over a century?

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