Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2001 on UPN

Episode Recap

The Enterprise arrives to an M-Class planet to conduct research and discover a strange neutrino signature. The dominant species is a humanoid pre-warp culture called the Akaali, who should not have the technology to create such a energy signature. After a great deal of debate between Captain Archer and T'Pol on how they should proceed with First Contact, Archer decides to conduct direct observation. This gives the away team, consisting of Archer, T'Pol, Tucker and Hoshi, their first opportunity to undergo cosmetic surgery to blend in with the natives.

Shortly after arriving in the town that the neutrino signature is emitting from, the away team notices that the Akaali are very sick and covered in lesions. Soon after the away team discovers that the source of the neutrino signature is coming from a antique shop. Unable to enter the shop, they decide to break in that night.

Having little problem with breaking into the shop, Archer and Tucker are confronted by some of the locals who think they might have a connection to the disease. This is due to the fact that the disease only came when the shop owner arrived about two months prior. T'Pol stuns one of the Akaali, Riann, who they question when she wakes up.

Suspecting Garos the shop owner, Archer has T'Pol scan him and discover he is not one of the Akaali but of a species called Malurian. He states that he was looking for a nice place to settle and that the signature they have been detecting is from his antimatter reactor he uses for food and supplies.

However, when Archer takes samples of the disease to Doctor Phlox is becomes evident that Garos was lying. The source of the disease is a radioactive compound that is used to make weapons. Returning to the surface, Archer meets up with Riann and spies on the shop. With a few problems with his translator, Archer and Riann still are able to follow a person picking up crates from the shop. The rendezvous point is a Malurian spacecraft.

Archer and Riann are discovered and fired upon. Though injured, Archer is able to acquire an access device to the reactor in the Garos's shop. The Enterprise transports the reactor off the planet and into space. Enterprise fires upon the reactor that in turn, damages Garos's ship in orbit. Archer informs Garos that he should leave and he does.

Archer tells Riann goodbye and gives her the treatment to cure the "disease." Having realized that Archer was not one of her people, she gives him a kiss and playfully says that his translator was not working again.