Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2003 on UPN

Episode Recap

While studying a star in the early stages of going supernova, Enterprise encounters a race called the Vissians. They are friendly, explorers, technologically more advanced, and are a tri-gendered species.

Archer goes off on a three-day bonding mission with the Vissian captain as they explore the star's interior in a Vissian vessel.

Trip bonds with the Vissian chief engineer and his wife. He also takes a special interest in the couple's "cogenitor" -- the third-sex person assigned to the couple to enable them to have a child. Trip ascertains that the cogenitor is a repressed minority (they comprise about three percent of the Vissian population). After consulting with Phlox and determining that there is nothing physical holding back the cogenitor, Trip takes on the personal mission that he can help "it" to break free of the culture's metaphorical chains.

After first teaching it to read (Vissians are very fast learners), he incites the cogenitor's curiosity. Despite being chided by T'Pol, Trip continues to "help" the cogenitor.

Archer returns to find a sticky situation: the cogenitor is requesting asylum. The Vissian captain, now a good friend of Archer's, allows Archer the time to mull over the situation. Archer ultimately decides that asylum can't be granted. Archer receives a message from the Vissian captain, which Archer tells Trip -- the cogenitor committed suicide. Archer is livid with Trip's conduct, and feels that the engineer needs to know that interfering with another culture requires an understanding of the consequences.