Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 11

Cold Front

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2001 on UPN

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  • Captain Archer has a tough choice to make when he is advised to capture a time traveling alien who rescues the Enterprise from destruction.

    This episode was the best one so far in season one. I am sure that the Silik character will return again and has the possibility of being as interesting as Q (although definitely not as witty). I am usually a huge fan of time traveling episodes in the Star Trek universe. I thought this episode would have been better, however, if they actually showed the time travel instead of just showing the dangers of it. Oh well. This is still an amazing episode in this Star Trek franchise.

    I almost want to look ahead in the episode guides to see what Silik will do next but I will refrain.
  • great episode

    Applying the temporal plotlines to Enterprise just like it did in Voyager. It's perfect as a subplot for this prequel show. A temporal agent named Daniels come back from the future to deal with Silik, another temporal agent, but an alien one. This episode is action packed, it's really interesting, the writers surely did an excellent episode. The temporal storyline is really exciting, it gave the show another dimension, something we never seen before, something quite unexpected. But this one is really a fine edition to the Enterprise universe. The story was fast paced, the acting was great, it's a great episode.
  • Silik strikes back but so does an inept temporeal agent

    While on a trip to a stellar nursery
    enterpise encounters a group of pilgrims
    who believe this is were the universe began
    unfortunatly silik is among them
    with a mission of his own
    It appears crewman daniels isnt a innocent steward
    but a time agent from the distant furture here to arrest
    silik(good luck getting the cuffs on him)
    siliks plot is eventually revealled to be
    daniels futuristic computer
    he quickly disposes of daniels and archer and silik fight in a decompressing

    An interesting episode tries to round out
    the mystery of the temoral cold war
    We meet another faction
    of the conflict and learn the reason the suliban have been able to carry out the interference with the time line :
    the human agents
    are totally brain dead
    time and again
    they screw up
    thank god archers on the case
    or they would all be talking romulan
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