Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2005 on UPN



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    • Phlox: (to T'Pol) You're reexamining your core beliefs, something most people never do.

    • Emory: Those early days were pretty terrifying. I'm lucky to be alive.
      Trip: Is it true you were the first person to go through?
      Emory: I wasn't about to let anyone else do it.
      Trip: You must have been scared.
      Emory: Terrified. That original transporter took a full minute and a half to cycle through. Felt like a year. You could actually feel yourself being taken apart and put back together. When I materialized, first thing I did was lose my lunch. (Trip laughs) Second thing I did was get stone drunk. Trick I learned from Zefram Cochrane. Now there was a man who knew the benefits of a little "liquid courage."

    • Trip: (Trip and Archer are walking through the ship bound for the transporter) I admit it. I've got a few butterflies. Okay, more than a few.
      Archer: You haven't stopped talking about this for a week.
      Trip: It's different for you. You grew up with the man. When I was seven, my mom bought me a book about him. Emory Erickson: Father of the Transporter. I made her read it to me every night for a month. That book is the reason I became an engineer.
      Archer: Did I ever tell you about meeting Zefram Cochrane?
      Trip: Yeah, only about 50 times.
      Archer: Then you know I understand how you feel. (Trip chuckles as they approach the transporter. A crewman is stationed at the controls. Trip gives the crewman a soft slap on his back. The crewman steps aside. Trip straightens his uniform as he take up his position)
      Archer: You want a mirror?
      Trip: You've got a mean streak in you, you know that? (Archer nods for Trip to activate the transporter. Emory Erikson, wheelchair bound, and his adult daughter, Danica, materialize from the matter stream)
      Emory: Nothing seems to be missing.
      Archer: Hello, Emory.
      Emory: Jonathan, look at you. I always suspected you'd be famous. Just didn't think that you'd be more famous than me! (Archer leans down to receive a hug from Emory)
      Danica: Jon.
      Archer: Good to see you. (gives Danica a friendly kiss and they hug)
      Danica: Oh, we have a lot of catching up to do.
      Emory: Do it later. I want a tour of this place.
      Archer: My Chief Engineer, Commander Charles Tucker.
      Trip: It's an honor.
      Emory: Guess you and I will be spending some time together.
      Trip: I'm looking forward to it.
      Archer: Danica. Trip.
      Emory: I hope you don't mind that I'm borrowing your ship, Captain.
      Archer: As long as you return it in good condition.
      Emory: Don't know if I can promise that. When this test is over, Enterprise and all of Starfleet could be obsolete.
      Archer: Sounds like you're trying to put me out of a job. (Emory laughs as he is pushed down the corridor by his daughter)

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    • This episode shares its title with a book based on Star Trek: Enterprise.

    • The title, "Daedalus", from Greek mythology, refers to the Athenian architect, inventor and master-craftsman of the same name. Though Daedalus was renown for many inventions, perhaps his greatest led to his and his son's escape from Crete and the tyrant Minos. This escape of Daedalus and Icarus occurred because Daedalus fashioned a new form of travel, winged flight. However, Icarus, over eager, flew too high, causing the wax, holding the wings together, to melt. Icarus fell into the sea and was lost. An aptly chosen title.