Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2003 on UPN

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  • Enemy (Trip) Mine

    Definitely the best episode of the season so far. If you have watched the classic cult film Enemy Mine, with Denis Quaid - you will automatically be at home watching this.

    The opening is uncharacteristically action packed as Trip's shuttle pod is fired upon without provacation or any contact. Now begins Trips one-on-one encounter with the alien as both craft end up crash landing on a planet that wont allow their engines to function - due to the selinium in the atmosphere.

    A well thumbed ST plot device, the unreadable system with 62 moons provides adds depth to the dilemma and a novel twist on the Enemy Mine theme sees the two disparate races working uneasily together to try to find their men.

    So as you can imagine the majority of the scenes are play out on location, in some sort of desert - nothing really new here Im afraid. Furthermore, the majority of scenes are between the Trip and the alien, mirroring loosely the same situations and themes encountered in Enemy Mine. As you'd expect, trials and tribulations of communication, food, water, the quest for dominance and power of the other and the fight against a common foe are including in the bulk of scenes.

    The whole scenario is played out with the threat of the approaching dawn, as the title proclaims. It is this veil of demise that doesnt come into its own until the last act, when Trip manages to signal Enterprise. Will they die, survive together, or will one outlive the other? I guess if you want to know then tune in.

    I definitely endorse this episode.
  • great episode

    Trip takes the shuttlepod one for a test flight. Everything seems fine until he gets attacked by an alien spacecraft. Trip's only way of surviving is landing on the moon close to where the alien spacecraft also landed. Trip and the alien fight off one another when they get close to each other. Trip tries his best to make peace with the alien. They both have to work together eventually. Once the moon faces the sun, both of them will be killed by the scorching heat. It's a really exciting episode. The writers came up with another exciting episode. This episode is well written.