Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 4

Dead Stop

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2002 on UPN

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  • Thls is why i watch this

    I love the unknown about it. And the Fact that you will never know about it. May be future movie :)
  • Rogue Traders....

    Simple premise, well executed. Cross a mystery and horror storylines to make a riveting episode. Following from the escape from the Romulans and their minefield, the crew realise they escaped at a price... the ship is damaged almost critically.

    The episode plays out like a scary story with a story, that leads the fodder to the haunted house. The crew put out a distress call and receive a garbled message that their is a repair station nearby that may help. With no choice they make their way to the co-ords, knowing little of the price it will cost to make the repairs.

    At they approach they discover that teh station is deserted and not fit for humanoid habitation. The station then scans the ship and automatically changes its configuration to allow the dock to fit Enterprise in and allow her crew to board.

    More evidence of automation and supreme computer intelligence becomes evident as teh crew barter for repairs. The tone to this point is one of wonderment as you may experience from the investigation of a large haunted mansion (ala The Shining). All the while things are going swimmingly... too well infact when something happens that will make Archer regret ever coming aboard.

    A great twist and a exciting ending to save the life of a member of the crew make this one special episode that has the right pace and mood to make it another essential watch.
  • great episode

    This episode is a continuation from last episode. The enterprise sends out a distress call after receiving a serious amount of damage from the Romulan minefield. The starship is in need of major repairs. A space vessel responds to their distress call. Captain Archer is so eager to accept help from the space vessel. When enterprise docks with the alien repair outpost, they realize that the vessel is not what they think it is. There are no lifeforms aboard, the vessel itself seems to be alive. this episode is a really good one. directed by roxanne dawson, it's a really interesting story. It's an excellent episode.
  • Archer and his crew discover an unmanned and computerized repair station, but he soon has reservations about using it.

    I really liked Enterprise going into it, but not enough of the series captured the imagination of the previous series. It spent too much time setting up everything we were expected to see in the later series. This one episode was one of the better ones. Had there been more trully creative shows like this one, I think it would have lasted. The repair station was very well done and Archer's feelings were credible and plausible. I was trying to predict all sorts of scenarios, but the twist in this one was not among anything close I had imagined. This is possibly my fave episode of the series.
  • Dead Stop, guess again.

    This episode was one of the best TV episodes I've ever seen. It suprised me, how good it really turned out to be. I loved the fact that the alien station did all the repair work to the NX-01 in fast time and it all it ask for in return was some plasma, which was a very cheap cost and you knew there had to be a catch and what a catch it was. However, the thing I loved most about this episode was the script. It was extremely well written and it made a simple matter of repairs into a very interesting story. The best was of course the ending, how cool was that when the alien station was blown to bits and the Enterprise just took off without a second thought. The super intelligent computer system of the station then begins to repair and reconstruct itself, now that is cool!