Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 24

Desert Crossing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2002 on UPN

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  • Boring, pointless, written so they could shoot in a desert.

    BORING! I can see why Enterprise was canceled. This episode was obviously written just so they could shoot in a desert. It's what happens when somebody says "Hey, couldn't we use that desert there and write an episode about that?" Horrible characterization, awful cheap makeup (the guy has a tattoo on his chin and he's supposed to be an alien?) Tedious scenes of totally ridiculous desert dehydration suffering, bla bla bla. As far as Star Trek is concerned, they are trying to lay the groundwork here for the "Prime Directive." But 40 years into the show, the producers of the show still can't make up their mind about what Prime Directive is! In some episodes it's described as "non-interference in pre-warp societies," then in other episodes they talk about Prime Directive even though the species are aware of other alien species and/or already have warp capabilities. Horrible episode and I'm starting to really hate this show!
  • how a principle grows

    This is an excellent episode. It has a lot of similar questions asked in the TNG episode "the high ground" and the questions here are just as valid as they were before. What do you do if unjustice occurs? Archers decision not to get involved is good, and the thoughts around it all are just, but this all seems unfair to those who onsider themselves to be opressed. How do you react to a situation where noone will help you. It shows both sides in a good light. Both the victim trying to find a solution and the bystander trying to do the right thing.

    This is one of the better deeper episodes of season 1.
  • great episode

    Archer and Trip go to a desert like planet after being invited by an alien leader. It turns out that the alien leader is some kind of a terrorist leader who have lured them to the planet. It's a great episode, the desert scenes are really well made. Archer and Trip fight to stay alive on the deserted planet while the starship enterprise loses communication with them and dodges alien patrols on orbit. This episode is really well made, it's a very riveting plot, the characters are fleshed out. I enjoy watching it from start to finish. It's definitely worth watching.
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