Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 23

Fallen Hero

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2002 on UPN

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  • The vulcan High Command get archer in over his head

    The vulcans ask for thier ambassador to be picked up
    from planet Mazar and delivered to a vulcan ship.
    what our heros dont count on is being attacked and pursueed by 3 mazarite warships wanting her back
    sucks to archer.

    archer`s decades old resentment resurfaces when
    the lady refuses to share information with the humans dispite thier lives being at risk

    eventually tpol and the good captain convince Vlar to share the reason the mazarites want her dead.

    the actress playing the ambassdor is very disarming
    her decades of living among less logical species
    seems to have effected her.

    Tpol also has a good episode her hostility towards Vlar
    at her aparant dishonour is very enjoyable to watch.

    Archer delaying tactics were also quite amusing

    i also enjoyed the stone cold vulcan captain that saves the day
    "tell them to surrender thier weapons or well destroy thier ships"

    a good episode with the vulcans actually on the right side for once

    and of course the forboding of a deep friendship
    between archer and tpol

    god bless em
  • Enterprise is sent to pick up a Vulcan ambassador who is being forced to leave Mazar in disgrace. However when the Mazarites chase down Enterprise and demand her return all is not what it appears to be.

    Strong overall episode. The relationship between T'Pol and Captain Archer is especially fleshed out. When T'Pol ask the Captain to go ahead and bring ambassador V'Lar to the rendevous point. V'Lar comments on this at the end of the episode. This shows how the strength of T'Pol and Archer's relationship by the end of Season One.

    The Ambassador herself is well played by Fionnula Flanagan. She is not too emotional, unlike T'Pol in later seasons.

    I also emjoyed seeing Travis' reaction when the ship made warp 5 and then the deflation as the realized the Mazarites were matching their speed and they were not going to get away.
  • Back on track after a few dodgy episodes...

    This show is really great when it is on form which sadly is not enough. That being said this season has produced a handful of great episodes and i hope the season final lives upto the reason of season 1. This episode really expanded the whole Volcan thing once again with a diplomat Volcan who seems inclined to try new things unlike T'Pal well anyway the crew saves the day and ends in good terms with the volcan woman, interestingly enough she notices a spark between John and T'pal which i hope is expanded on...they do seem right for each other. Well only 3 episodes left of this acceptional season, i am actually quite excited to see where this show will go which surprises me as the beginning of the show is very show but it is beginning to warm up into a scifi/ Star Trek series...
  • great episode

    The starship enterprise is assigned to pick up a Vulcan ambassador from the planet Mazar. The Mazarites are asking Enterprise to return her immediately. Captain Archer has a dilemma, either to handover the ambassador to the Mazarites are risk having a direct confrontation with them. T'Pol helps Archer deal with the crisis with her first hand knowledge of the ambassador's background while he and the crew of the enterprise sweats over a possible confrontation with an alien race. It's a great episode, the writers came up with another watchable trek episode. The mystery about the ambassador is the focus of the plot, it's a really watchable episode, great episode.
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