Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 3

Fight or Flight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2001 on UPN

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  • Exploring a ghost ship...

    The crew is rather bored with not finding any life forms so while testing the weapons they come upon a ship with dead forms, much to Hoshi's dismay. Archer suspects that whoever did this may be back. They leave the ship behind but then Archer thinks better of it and goes back to try and find out more. They discover the com log and slowly Hoshi decodes the message just before the killers return. A ship of the same calibur of the ghost ships intercetps and when Hoshi finally figures out the language and talks to them they fire on the killer ship.
  • great episode

    The crew of the Enterprise are out in space for two weeks. They are eager to meet new lifeforms. Things get a little out of hand when they discover something inside another starship. This episode allows us to get deeper into the universe of enterprise, it's really exciting. It's a much older Trek timeline, but it's as good as the other shows. The effects of this show looks a lot newer than the ones seen on The Next Generation or Deep space nine. This is a great episode, we get to see stuff in it, I really like the story.
  • "Fight or Flight" is what I expected from "Enterprise."

    This episode is basic good science fiction with good under lying character development.

    After weeks of travel without finding life the crew encounters a floating ship. Why is it there? Why is it dead in space? What happened to the crew? The crews yearnings for life and a new adventure becomes less enjoyable than they might have suspected.

    As all this occurs, the crew realizes they have no satisfactory targeting system. Should danger present, they are at a disadvantage.

    The Captain deals with primal science fiction dilemmas, How does one deal with first encounters?, When should one interview in alien disputes?, How does one respect alien dead?, Stand apart or choose sides?, Can one's values be projected on aliens?

    In all it is a good episode and a prospect of a good series.
  • I im a long time trek fan I think this show should be still on the air I hope after a few years they get to make movies.

    It's season one T-Pol tries to warn the captain about stopping to see every little thing in the path but against her judgement he goes onto a ship to make first contact to find a dead crew aboard after that all hell breaks loose! The Captian puts his crew in harms way to find out what happend to the ships crew.
  • Fight or Flight<br /> <br /> Originally I liked this episode. However I have changed my mind. First, watched through my DVD of the original series. Does not compare and that is only the start.

    Fight or Flight

    In the pilot Sato is shown to be fiesty but now all that is forgotten. The creators of the show said that they wanted Enterprise to character driven. In one sense that is good but in another it is bad. In the good, characters drive the story. But in the bad, saying character driven is like saying boring! Really boring. The kind that wishes something would happen. I would love to go in there and mess things up. To say nothing of wanting to make love to Sato and T'Pol in a threesome.

    Okay, I know that last bit ain't going to happen probably not in my dreams, but I can still hope can't I? I mean in my dreams. But for the most part this episode so drags.

    I liked Sato in the pilot. She was sassy, and very hot. Sorry, I promise not to digress again? Or is that a promise I will actually keep.

    What brought on this new wave of negativity for a series I liked when I first got the DVDs. Time I guess, and also maybe the death of my father, and I started asking myself what is this sh#t?

    I had a copy of Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever. I liked the TV version but it is nothing compared to this script. But the TV version of "City" way outshines this episode. I am going to leave the old comitery still down there. I have more important things to do with my time. This is the first episode to focus on Ensign Sato. There was some fairly good character development here. There is the comparison between Sato and this slug she found on a world they had visited. It also shows the problem of communication with non-Earth languages and the need for a linguistic expert. Sato is a competent translator but placed in a confined space suit among dead bodies is something else. I liked the slug comparison. However they would not dare leave such a creature on another planet. It might destroy the ecosystem of the world that they left it on. Even today, there are always valid fears of some animal crossing from one continent to another. Take for example the snakes in Guam that destroyed song birds only found there. Maybe the Doctor should have feed the slug to his bat after all.

    This is a different Trek. One thing I liked about this series is that is much more like the world we presently inhabit. You see this in many of the major characters. Everything is brand new to these people. This is the beginning of Starfleet. Also notice the stripes on individual members of the crew. Archer and Merryweather wear command gold. Trip and Malcolm wear engineering/ security red. Sato wears the blue of life sciences. This whole color code harkens back to the original series.

    Also it is important to point out in Sleeping Dogs Sato has gotten over her fear of the space suits. A small character development I must admit. Though it would have been nice showing some episodes where she gets more comfortable in the suit. Trek has gotten boring at times because only lip service is paid to character development. Like the Staples commercial Trek has it’s own “easy button.”
  • Rare excursion into horror

    This episode has the Enterprise finding a supposedly abandoned alien ship that has a number of alien corpses aboard being the subjects of scientific experiments. Ensign Sato is so horrified by the discovery she starts reconsidering continuing on Enterprise. Lots of good character development in this episode for her as well as Archer and Dr. Phlox. The aliens conducting the experimentation return and begin attacking the Enterprise, and Archer faces a dilemna of non-interference versus punishing the aliens for their experiments. Very moody and atmospheric scenes aboard the alien ship, and a sense of foreboding that permeates the episode. Very well done.
  • While Reed tests his torpedoes and Archer looks for a squeak in his floorboards, Enterprise finds a ship whose crew were killed and hung up on hooks to be drained of their blood.

    The Enterprise still feels claustrophobic on 'Fight or Flight,' but this particular episode, it works well with the creepy haunted-house feel of the Axanar ship. The horrific scenes of dead aliens would have more impact if we hadn't seen similar images on The X-Files in the past -- and of course we hear Sato's scream before we see them, so we know what's coming. But all those sequences are very well-directed. The slug-Sato analogy gets overdrawn and becomes really lame in the final minutes; one hopes for stronger B-plots in the future. If we're going to have getting-to-know-the-crew episodes it would be nice to learn more than where they graduated in their classes and what they don't like about anacondas. Boy oh boy, Sato's gifted with languages -- an alien tongue in about ten minutes -- but it's not very convincing when she goes from being goat to hero in such a short time span. I'm sure Sato has her good points but we really haven't seen them yet. Ditto Reed, ditto Mayweather, hopefully ditto T'Pol.