Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 3

Fight or Flight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2001 on UPN

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  • "Fight or Flight" is what I expected from "Enterprise."

    This episode is basic good science fiction with good under lying character development.

    After weeks of travel without finding life the crew encounters a floating ship. Why is it there? Why is it dead in space? What happened to the crew? The crews yearnings for life and a new adventure becomes less enjoyable than they might have suspected.

    As all this occurs, the crew realizes they have no satisfactory targeting system. Should danger present, they are at a disadvantage.

    The Captain deals with primal science fiction dilemmas, How does one deal with first encounters?, When should one interview in alien disputes?, How does one respect alien dead?, Stand apart or choose sides?, Can one's values be projected on aliens?

    In all it is a good episode and a prospect of a good series.