Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 10

Fortunate Son

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2001 on UPN
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Enterprise is dispatched by Starfleet Command to assist the Fortunate, a human freight vessel that has been attacked by Nausicaan pirates.

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  • Archer forces his own brand of human morality<br /> on more people who dont want it

    The ship responds to a distress call from the ECS Fortunate.

    Upon arriving the crew seem nervous at first they refuse all help form starfleet. The reason turns out to be a nausican prisoner

    being beaten for information on his friends

    and thier defenses.

    Once archer discovers this the fortunate departs after crippling enterprise.

    The fortunate finds the pirates asteriod base and starts to attack.

    but is quickly outgunned and boarded....

    What we have here is another episode where

    the questionable morality is supposed to be assigned to people other than starfleet.

    the vicous pirates repeatedly attack frieghters

    and when they respond archer deems them the bad guys

    i would have expected any human to have killed the nauscican pirate for his actions

    Instead archer poses and preaches his way througth a situation that required a strong leader

    maybe post season 3 archer should

    have gone back and sorted out the situation properly

    leaving the pirate base intact?

    did he even report it to starfleet?

    A pansey aproach like that probably invites more attacksmoreless
  • "Fortunate Son" brings to a boil the preachy writing that would curtail the promise of "Star Trek: Enterprise." Good science fiction has well written underlying themes that add to the plot in subtle ways. This is done crudely.moreless

    "Fortunate Son" brings to a boil the preachy writing that would curtail the promise of "Star Trek: Enterprise." Good science fiction has well written underlying themes that add to the plot in subtle ways. This is done crudely.

    The conduct of war, treatment of hostages, state response to terrorism, and ethics and value of torture are all current topics at the time of the filming "Star Trek: Enterprise." "Fortunate Son" pits a small crew of a cargo vessel against a group of terrorist raiders. A hostage is taken by the crew ravaged many times in the past. Worthless data is obtained by the novice torturers and a plan falls asunder.

    The silliness of the plot has the cargo crew attacking a Star Fleet Captain and his boarding party as Enterprise is along side. The cargo crew is portrayed as one dimensional, reactionary, duplicitous, and unintelligent. This may be how the writers feel about protagonists in the real world, but makes for bad drama.

    The episode name "Fortunate Son" and the ships name of the same is reminiscent of Herman Melville's "Moby Dick."

    "Fortunate Son" had potential, but it was lost in poor writing. Scripts can explore complex ideas and moral questions, however, the writing must be as thoughtful, wise, intelligent, and with the common sense the topic deserves. "Fortunate Son" was limited by lack of all in the its writing.moreless
  • great episode

    The Enterprise crew is ordered by Starfleet Command to come to the aid of a human freight ship Fortunate. The freighter is constantly being attacked by alien pirates. The crew of the Fortunate is hiding something from the Enterprise when Archer speaks to the commanding officer of the freighter. This is a classic trek episode, it's got an ample amount of space battle to fill up the hour. It's really well made, it's fast paced, it was an enjoyable episode. The writers came up with a good episode, it's got action, drama and mystery. It's a perfect episode for enterprise.moreless
Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating

Lt. Malcolm Reed

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Dr. Phlox

Jolene Blalock

Jolene Blalock


Connor Trinneer

Connor Trinneer

Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III

Linda Park

Linda Park

Ensign Hoshi Sato

Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

Ensign Travis Mayweather

Lawrence Monoson

Lawrence Monoson

First Officer Matthew Ryan

Guest Star

Kieran Mulroney

Kieran Mulroney


Guest Star

D. Elliot Woods

D. Elliot Woods

Nausicaan Prisoner

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Vaughn Armstrong

Vaughn Armstrong

Admiral Forrest

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