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    I'm sure there are a lot of fan fiction works out there regarding a virtual Enterprise season 5; I would like to let you, fans, know about this one I came across a few weeks ago. Please post here if there are other "Enterprise season 5" fan works.

    This one is comprised of several videos on YouTube, all of them made up on screen captures and text. This is an amateur work, not made by industry professionals. Stories by Thomas Moore and videos by Pauline McDonnell. Each episode is comprised of 3 or 4 parts.

    Episode 1 part 1 is here:

    You'll find all the other videos (for now -december, 2009- up to episode 4) here: under the "Uploads" tab.

    DISCLAIMER: I did not make these videos. I'm just posting them here because I think fellow Enterprise fans will enjoy them. It's just another fan fiction work.
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