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Just finished the complete series and.... (Spoilers)

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    First off I will say I haven't really been a Star Trek fan in the past, I've seen some episodes of the original Star Trek and The Next Generation when they were shown as reruns and I thought they were okay. Anyway, when I saw Enterprise on Netflix a couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a whirl. I waspleasantlysurprised as I finished all four seasons in a span of two weeks. I was drawn in completely, it had a different feel for me, and I wasfamiliarwith some of the things from past Star Treks, so I like how they thread the stories together. Like how Klingons look in the original series and I remember Worf commenting on it saying he didn't want to talk about why they look different, I believe that was a Deep Space Nine episode? I cant really remember...

    Anyway, the CGI and effects I really enjoyed on Enterprise and I thought the opening sequence and song were fantastic. They brought a level of realism to the show. I'm an avid gamer and I definitely see where the creators of the video game "Mass Effect" got some of their ideas. I enjoyed these characters much more then any previous Star Trek.

    That all being said, season 4 was amazing, they had a lot epic story arcs and I enjoyed a lot of the cliff hangers and thought they really went all out. In particular In A Mirror Darkly was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing the Reliant and some great recreations of the classic sets and things like that.

    My only complaint really is the last episode, which I see a ton of hate on here. For a couple of seasons I waited for Trip and T'pol to get together and in the last episode they jump ahead six seasons and turns out they aren't together, then Trip dies for really no logical reason. I mean those aliens were not a huge threat, they could have easily gotten out of that. So my favorite character Trip dies like a chump, then nobody seems to even care, there was actually a bigger send off for his clone! If they wanted emotion they should have had a final scene between Trip and T'pol as he was dying or something....I just think the whole last episode was a slap to my face. I know the show was getting low ratings, but how rushed was the last episode? It seemed to suffer from the same things as The Matrix sequels suffered from, poor writing and worse execution.

    I just feel like we should have gotten a proper sendoff for the show, maybe even a TV movie or something, anything would have been better then that tripe.

    Other then the last episode I loved the series and it has garnered a new Star Trek fan.

    Just wanted to share my two cents.

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    I agree the whole story line from Shran to Tripp and TPol to Tripp's death was poor. Tripp's death took away more than it added to the story line. You had a small group of two-bits thugs do what train Klingon warriors could not do. How did they catch the Enterprise? How did they get aboard? And where was Malcolm and his team? Where was the rest of the crew? It had a rush job to it The last fight also seem to be a make up for some over runs. If you were going to kill off Tripp he deserved a greater cause than dying to save a speech.

    I hate when a show goes off without an ending. I'm still waiting on the Robinson family to make it back home. (The TV Robinson not the movie's. That family was so dis-functional and annoying that it would be best for all if they stay lost.) If you don't have the time, money or desires to do it correctly then just don't.

    Overall Enterprise was a great show. Yes all series has a bad one or three. Doctor Who had "Candyman". This was one of the few real bad stories what make it worst is that it was the ending story.

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