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NEW TREK MOVIE!! What the?!

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    I do not have good feelings about this movie instead of going back they should go forward make new characters be orignal create your own show don't fall back on Kirk and Spock.
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    how about this, a movie or series,about a space station that can move using transwarp, that has four or maybe five starships based inside it. with four or five separate crews, so that in each episode we have a diferent captain, which will make it more diverseand interesting. send it to an unchartedpart of space as part of its mission.

    ( it will have to be set in a time after transwarp but before time travel) what do u think?

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    Thank goodness I am not alone in my dislike in the idea behind this movie. Nothing good can come from this,

    FirstShatner is Kirk NO ONEcan ever be Kirk besides him. Same with Nimoy, there is NO OTHER Spock. I don't care who they cast they'll never convince me a die hard trek fan of 22 years otherwise.

    Second It will destroy current continuity unless they watch every episode and think of what they can and can't do, like adding new spices. It doesn't seem right to add a new specie if it is never seen again in TNG, Voy, or DS9, I mean look what Ent did withDenobulansand Xindi you never hear about them again nor see one again.

    Thirdthey are basically turning their backs on the fans who have kept the series going for years by wanting to bring in new fans. These new fans won't respect Trek like hard core fans do. The hard core fans who suffered through bad toilet humor and piss poor writing during Enterprise, warped there minds on complex technobabble in Voyager, and pulled their hair out dealing with the dark and religious overtones of DS9. Paramount should be licking the feet of the hard core trek fans instead of trying to bring in new fans, yeah some of us may not be a part of the beautiful people but by god we sure has hell deserve something for swallowing some of the Trek garbage they've put out.

    Four ITS A BLOODY PREQUEL HAS NO ONE LEARNED FROM THE HORRIBLE MISTAKE MADE BUY LUCUS WITH THE STAR WARS PREQUEL MESS!!!!!Prequels don't normally work because they tend to destroy preexisting facts established in the originals. Enterprise while a good concept was handled all wrong. It had the potential to be a good series but poor writing, poor choices and not doing their research destroyed it. It may be cliche but the way of the future lies not in the past, something Star Trek preaches but not practices. And of course what out a original story some thing set 100 years after TNG, DS9 and Voy. Thats worked well before why not now. Why not focus on a new ship with a new drive system that will allow them to go to other galaxies? New species to meet new situations and so on an so forth that seems to be the best way to relaunch the series by going forward.

    Five There is so many stories that can be done with existing Trek. For instance Voyager there is so much unsaid like what the heck happened to them after returning. What became of the maquie crewmen? Did some of them have to face charges for past actions or where the forgiven? What happened to the Doctor? He's a hologram therefore he has not rights out side of Voyager so did he end up a glorified Flotter, end up with his counterparts or is he forced to stay with Voyager and his mobile emitter taken away for study. And so on, it would have been great to see the crew have to come back to deal with a new or old threat. I would definitely love to see Seven andChakotay break up and see her hook up with the Doc. With every other Trek series you had the closure of what happened to every but not Voyager, they got home...the end. Then there may be a movie in DS9 I'd like to see Sisco and crew return to deal with a new dominion threat or something of the sort. And of course if they really had to do a prequalthere's Enterprise. With so much blank space between its ending and the start of TOS there has to bemore thana few movie ideas there. Unlike with what they are planing very little time exist between what Kirk in the academy and his command of Enterprise I was under the impression that despite a few note worthy events in Kirks carrier he was most noted for his time on Enterprise.

    SixIf Enterprise is any indication the temptation to do things out side the norm for Star Trek will make its way to this film. Imagine the part in theMatrix with Neododging bullets now Imaging Kirk doing the same with Phaser blasts. Or fantastic fight scenes involvingodd camera anglesand CGI. Or Bay style camera movement, or more then a few Kirk and new alien girl sex scenes. Or (shutters) with gay characters being more prominent in TV now possible gay characters, not that there is anything wrong with it but even in TNG same sex relationships are still more taboo then fact of life (just like now guess in a few hundred years things don't change) Or simplistic plots so more non trek fans can follow. Or allot of popculture references, ie Spock saying to Kirk "If I remember my earth history in the early 21st century a pop artist named Britney Spears once said..." or something along those lines just so new fans can smile and nod and say "yeah thats right". Such a thing was rarely seen in Star Trek and it just don't belong (I personalydon't want that slut to have any thing to do my star trek) Also we'll probably see some bad tolet humor since people today seem to think that piss and fart jokes or references are funny, and the sometimes more sophisticated humor of trek past hard to understand. And last but not leastprobably the most important part the musical score which up until Enterprise has always been abeautiful sounding symphony. They will more than likely move way from that because they want to keep up with the times meaning we might just see a hip hop, pop rock, or some other style of music as the new score for Star Trek I mean after all the crap people listen today seems to making it in to more and more movies and TV shows. (Thats why its great that shows like CSI use older music as its themes) And since the want to relaunch the series and aim for more people they will more than likely hire one or two big name music artist to do the music. Imaging Spears, or Snoop Dogg doing the Star Trek theme...I'd honestly swear to god kill all Paramount execs if the actors of the film and all the production crew if this happens. I am not joking either.

    The point being is this the idea of this prequel is idea is poorly planed, poorly executed and over all its going to received poorly by Star Trek fans. I don't know if any thing besides $$ has any thing to do with this but it should, and it should be the hard core fans Paramount should be catering to NO ONE ELSE!!! This isn't going to do Star Trek any good in-fact it will more than likely kill it for at least 20 more years. If thats the case then at least I'll be able to see a new GOOD Star trek series when I am 50, instead of suffering though crap now when I am 30.

    Please forgive any spelling errors or grammar errors but I am not really with it right now, after just staying up all night with a sick kid I am a bit sleep deprived.

    Have a nice day...or live long and prosper lol

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