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What positive things did ENT bring to the Trek Universe?

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    The only mention of it on deep space nine that i say was that tribbles episode which really didn't answer it all well as enterprise did.
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    It was the start of the star trek universe. You could tell that in TOS many planets we're colonised by humans. For research and mining. But what bothers me is that whole temporal cold war and xindi storlylines. The first two seasons we're more separate episodes. But later a whole season was devoted to the xindi. What i liked was that there was'nt a prime directive. Remember that episode when a technologicly less advanced spieces had a disease/genetic flaw they could'nt cure? There also was a sort of neanderthal species who did the easy jobs on the planet who would eventually be the new top race on the planet. So archer did'nt know what to do without a prime directive. Doctor phlox said that the top spieces would eventually die and that it was just nature.

    The first encounter with TOS species as the romulans and klingons. Even the ferengi who were first seen on TNG. The encounter with the first borg ship was also a nice episode. But i think that the show had to be recognizable for the fans.

    The enterprise looked a litlle bit to modern compared to the ncc-1701. The should have made it without much detail on the hull. But now we have better special effects. Remember the light bulbs and buttons that we're used on TOS? The mirror episode was interesting to see. Nice to see the constitution class again.

    One of the interesting things was t'pol ofcourse after seven of nine they needed another double D beauty to boost ratings. She was a sort of mentor for the crew and humans depended on her. When the enterprise first went to that space station and the humans did'nt have a clue about the alien species there. A child was breathing heavily and the mother places some kind a oxygen mask on his face. Tucker thought that the woman was hurting the child.

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