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Why do so many people think sex caused Trek's decline?

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    A lot of viewers lost respect for Star Trek Enterprise during the early episodes' "decontamination" scenes.

    Seriously? Hot chicks (and some guys) in a mood-lit room rubbing oil on each-other while wearing thin + casual sleepwear? Form-fitting to their obviously-no-underwear bodies?

    Don't get me wrong, Jolene Blalock was a perfect casting choice for these scenes alone... but a lot of people lost respect for the show even though the actors and actresses did a decent job acting.

    Sure, the original series relied on sex as much as they could on network TV in the 60's. Short skirts, submissive and/or amorous aliens, a lot of implied sex between Kirk and various characters (why is he putting on his boots?), etc. Heck they were probably pushing the boundaries at the time.

    And TNG's Trois's non-standard costume was a bit more revealing than the rest of the female crew, including a couple of interesting episodes.

    DS9 had dabbo-girls; aliens in various revealing dresses.

    People flipped out about Voyager, probably mostly because she was added in the middle and people saw it as a way to boost ratings.Kess, the short and attractive (yet vanilla) woman leaves and a voluptuous model wearing a silver cat suit (with built-in corset) takes her place.

    It would be one thing if the character was there from the beginning, or was replacing a character with similar looks. But it just came out of nowhere.

    Star Trek always had a lot of sex going on, heck Tucker was just this generation's Kirk. But I guess some people see 7-of-9's arrival a turning point from covert to overt.

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    copygeek wrote:

    CoolUserName wrote:
    I enjoyed season 4 and parts of the first two seasons, but the season-long arc was an obvious mistake and really killed it.

    Well, that's a whole OTHER discussion since it seems that everyone either loved Season 3 (like me) or hated it (apparently like you). I've never heard someone who was indifferent to Season 3.

    Let me make this as clear as possible! It wasn't the story, it wasn't the sex, it wasn't anything but YOU! And a million others like you who have nothing better than to "bitch & moan" about anything and everything! That leads to wonderful series like survivor and factor-x! Thank you very much......... *sigh*

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    I never really noticed much sex or even relationships for that matter on Enterprise. The whole decontamination chamber deal I guess could be looked at as a way to sell sex, but they didn't even do that often at all. I think the original series had way more sex then Enterprise did, even from what they wore daily.

    I never watched Voyager, so I cant speak for that show. I don't think it had anything to do with the shows decline. Even though I just recently watched the show, I was aware of it back when it was airing, but I think other shows came on at the same time that I wanted to watch more. Seeing how great the show was, I wish I had supported it more. Seems like shows I get into, usually get cancelled when I start to really start to enjoy Angel, Firefly, Enterprise....

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    Apparently I evolved farther, maybe due to star trek, since I do not consider the decon chamber scenes as "sex" scene.

    Though I did facepalm a bit at how cold that decon chamber must be.

    I allways found the revealing wardrobes were somewhat embarrassing (artistically) but thankfully it wasn't something I lingered upon.

    Jerry Ryan (spelling?) was IMHO quite a decent actor in voyager. It was just a shame that the character was much overused.

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