Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2002 on UPN

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  • T'Pol's 2nd episode were she loses mental control

    T'Pol has a few episodes that explains her emotional control problems. I know some trek fans hate the fact that T'Pol shows emotion, But i have always felt Star Trek: Enterprise did a great job of showing us the importance of Vulcan mental control. I think only voyager came close to explaining the need for it. This episode was a great starting point to the T'Pol emotional control episodes.
  • great episode

    The starship enterprise meet a crew of vulcans who have departed their planet in an attempt to explore their suppressed emotions. T'Pol finds the presence of the other vulcans disturbing as she knows something about them that the Captain don't. This episode explores the other aspects of the Vulcans that we never saw before in previous movies and shows. We only though of Vulcans as a well disciplined alien that have self control. but in this episode, we get to see other vulcans who don't fit the type of vulcans that we've seen before. This episode is very interesting, the conflict is not a all out space war, but more of an emotional conflict, but it's a good one.