Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2003 on UPN

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  • Another episode highlighting that Star Trek economies MAKE NO SENSE.

    This is pretty similar to the last cargohauler episode... except with less Enterprise and more Mayweather. I suppose it could have been an actual insight into what cargo hauling is about... but it's really just about some bad acting from actors that we never see again.

    It's just a case of Treknobabble but without the babble. Mayweather amazingly modifies the weapons and gets them out of trouble while highlighting the woeful nature of security but of course, Star Fleet are far too busy riling up those aliens is more important than the security of their own citizens... well, except for what Archer said last time... guess he forgot.
  • Perhaps my least favourite ENT episode ever...

    Something about this episode really didn't work for me - it didn't help that it focused on the only character in Enterprise who has no redeeming features (nothing against Montgomery - it's the character I don't like).

    Surely the producers must have known that Travis' boomer lifestyle on cargo ships was one of the least interesting things in Season 1 - so dedicating an entire episode to the ship and his family was always destined to be terrible. The acting by Travis' family is all good (as always Trek rarely falters on acting) - but what must they have thought of the script & story...

    You know an episode is bad, when you prefer a very minor B-Story involving Trip introducing T'Pol to movies.

    Probably my weakest episode of the four seasons.
  • To unboldly go to a story with no originality and no horizon...

    We finally get an episode centred around Travis. So why did the producers decide to show us a glimpse of his past, rather than in his present?!

    Apart from being an obvious storyline, nothing really gets added to the overall timeline/plot-arc of the show. While at most the elements of the story do more of a reinforcing job on Travis' character traits and backstory than implying anything new. This is a shame.

    As the trivia points out there are a number of loose ends in the screenplay, not that this matters in the context of at least getting to know more about Travis. One of the least portrayed characters in the show - which is a shame. All-in-all, this is supposed to be a feelgood episode, where Travis is given some time to grieve over the death of his father, with the rest of his family and the extended family of his dad's cargo ship on which he served.

    I think it was also supposed to serve us with a 'bigger' peek at life on the slower freight transporters, essentially the backbone of human colonisation. Those this doesnt really happen.

    Sets are limited to the dull corridors and cramped quarters of the Horizon ship. While dialogue is pretty much what one would expect from an episode, without the majority involvement of Archer, T'Pol or Trip.

    The little drama there is, is centred around Travis' emotional return and the inevitable conflict with his brother, at Travis' parting to Starfleet. This is well handled in the screenplay and scenes, but is to limp to really take the entertain value of the story anywhere beyond a six. An added threat in the form of the raiders attacking his ship provides a minimal of combat/action. As both brothers are forced to work together and resolve their differences, to overcome the pirate menance and so you should be able to see the outline of this episode a mile off.

    There are some good points about this episode though. If you want to see Travis take the lead in an episode, this is it - even if unfortunately nothing of real consequence happens! Nora's the helpful friend who is glad to see him back was the one bright spark of his ex-crewmates that actually held an iota of positivity, along with Traivs' mother. Their scenes flowed more smoothly than those with the other characters.

    Another reviewer said they found the by-story to be more interesting than the main story. For me I just cant see it that way. There isnt enough in the T'Pol/Trip movie night strand to even class it as anything more than a distraction. Perhaps thats what they meant!

    I wanted to like Travis' story more than I did, but essentially this episode falls flat and can easily be overlooked.